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California spiny lobster season nears its end

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STATEWIDE–All good things come to an end- for California’s 2019 -2 020 spiny lobster season, that end is nearing. The season ends March 18 at midnight.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife( CDFW) prompts anglers spiny lobster report cards are due by April 30. They can be filled out online at 2UY6G5Y or mailed to CDFW, Lobster Report Card, 3883 Ruffin Rd ., San Diego, CA 92123.

CDFW requires all anglers, even young ones, to have a spiny lobster report card in their hold while fishing for or making lobster. The placards must be reported even if no lobsters were taken or no tries were made to take lobsters.

If multiple spiny lobster report cards were purchased, all placards, including lost placards, should be reported to avoid the $ 20 non-return fee when purchasing a spiny lobster report card next lobster fish season.

According to CDFW, unlike commercial-grade catch, the department had very little reliable information on the magnitude of the recreational lobster catch and fishing sector prior to the opening of the lobster report card.

“Data from these report card allow us to determine if catch is increasing or abridging, the number of members of lobsters caught per fishing trip, and which gear character is the most efficient, ” CDFW Marine Environmental Scientist Jenny Hofmeister said in a liberated proclamation. “All these portions of information help managers monitor the population. Everyone benefits from reporting your catch on time. Lobster divers and hoop netters avoid paying the non-return fee, and, most importantly, CDFW scientists can ensure the fishery remains sustainable.”

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Bunny Palooza returns Saturday to San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter

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They’re cute, they’re cuddly and on Saturday, Feb. 29, adoptable rabbits are $20 off and come with a reproduce of” The House Rabbit Handbook ,” pellets and hay. Bunny Palooza Rabbit Adoption and Education Day will boast experts to answer your bunny questions, plus bunny goodies, pellets, forage and refreshments for bunny’s human friends.


When: noon-3 p.m. Saturday

Where: San Clemente-Dana Pont Animal Shelter, 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente

Information: 949 -4 92 -1 617

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NOAA plan would help improve recreational fishing data collection efforts

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STATEWIDE–A regional implementation intention crafted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration( NOAA) would help improve recreational net the data collected exertions on the West Coast. The data, in turn, are in favour of fisheries science and management along the California coast.

NOAA announced the Pacific Coast Recreational Fisheries Information Network, or Pacific RecFIN, completed its Marine Recreational Information Program Regional Implementation Plan earlier this year.

“These contrives represent a significant shift for the programme. They clearly establish that regional collaborators will have a direct capacity in determining which cross-examine techniques are most suitable for their discipline, stock appraisal, and administration needs, ” NOAA staff said in a exhausted evidence. “The[ 30 -page] programme was created in response to Pacific Coast regional needs to enhance data for regional fishery management and science.”

Pacific RecFIN distinguished seven priorities the implementation plan should address 😛 TAGEND

Maintain/ reinstate cornerstone elevation funding for saltwater sampling Implement/support ameliorated electronic data collection Expand on-board sampling of fishing vessels( business passenger and recreational charter) Explore new information technologies to improve “round-the-clock monitoring of recreational fishing vessels as they exit harbors to fish the ocean” Stratify defendant charter sampling by tour type and sampling period( for SoCal’s highly migratory categories) Improve access to Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey database Gauge historic catch records, statewide.

Pacific RecFIN was established in 1992 and is a Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission program. Its body is comprised of representatives from the commission, Pacific Fishery Management Council, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Multihome garage sale planned for Saturday in South Laguna

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Nearly 20 residences in South Laguna will participate in the annual community yard sale on Saturday, Feb. 29.

The event was put together by South Laguna resident Chris Tebbutt four years ago as a way to build community.

This year, vicinity boys will sell lemonade, chocolate and donuts to customers. Money parent will benefit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which recoveries sick and injured naval mammals from along Orange County’s coastline.

Signs to the participating homes will subsequently be issued along South Coast Highway between West Street and 10 th Avenue. Each mansion too will have maps to target shoppers to other homes.

” This annual event is always so recreation and a natural propagation of local communities vibe in South Laguna ,” Tebbutt said.

Participating residences include 32006 Coast Highway, 31907 9th Ave ., 31516 Monterey St ., 31576 Scenic Drive, 31553 West St ., 31562 Santa Rosa Drive, 31602 Fairview, 31441 Holly Drive, 31632 Wildwood Road, 31365 Monterey St ., 31544 Eagle Rock, 31706 Scenic Drive, 31261 Monterey St ., 31684 Wildwood Road and 31352 Monterey St.

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Expert will share the fascinating life of the monarch butterfly in in San Clemente

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Discover the monarch butterfly’s life cycle from birth to movement with an expert from the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in Monterey County, one of the largest monarch overwintering places in America. The planned takes sit March 5 at Casa Romantica Cultural Center in San Clemente.

Tickets are $12 representative, $18 general at .


When: 7 p. m. March 5

Where: Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente

Information: 949 -4 98 -2 139

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Local surfers begin prepping for the sport’s Olympic debut in Tokyo

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The next few months will be a whirlwind for surfers preparing to ride a brandish into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

National television interviews perceived by millions, a halftime expression at a Lakers game, train among other Olympic athletes far from the ocean — surfers are exploring unfamiliar territory, as the play reaches its Olympics debut this summer.

Among those learning exercises along the way, while paving the path for future channel-surf Olympians, are San Clemente surfer Kolohe Andino,representing the United States and Kanoa Igarashi, a Huntington Beach surfer playing for Japan .

Caroline Marks, a Florida surfer who now announces San Clemente home and Carissa Moore, a Hawaiian who grew up competing in Orange County, are set to represent the women’s team for for the U.S.

Caroline Marks, a Florida surfer who lives in San Clemente, will be one of four team representatives representing USA at the upcoming Olympics.( Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

USA Surfing CEO Greg Cruse talked about the upcoming schedule, challenges athletes currently facing and restraints they must consider for the first time as they bet away from the familiar and enroll the Olympic arena.

Olympics bootcamp

Andino will be heading to New York on Tuesday, Feb. 25 for a live look on “Today, ” joined by Cruse, who will be behind the scenes during the show.

“Even at this point, I don’t think they realize how big-hearted this is, ” Cruse said , indicating the millions of spectators for the national television spot. “Just one illusion on the’ Today’ show is huge.”

The duo will spray back to LAX after the present finishes videotapeing, land at 4:20 p.m. and go straight to a Lakers game for a halftime look and autograph signing, joined by Marks and fellow U.S. Olympian John John Florence.

After hitting the Lakers game, the team, managers and families on Feb. 26 will fly to the Colorado Springs Olympic& Paralympic Training Center, where they will undergo athlete evaluations including medical exams, and work on stretching and employ routines.

There, they will participate in a boot camp-style “Olympic university” so they can start thinking about logistics, Cruse said. That includes learning how to avoid getting sick on airplanes and how to overcome jet lag, which all of these surfers are accustom to because of their occupation jet-setting to the world’s best surf undermines during competitor season.

“We will have everyone in one place and everyone gets their questions refuted, ” Cruse said.

The athletes aren’t the only ones who will need to prep for the Olympics, with a USA coach still pending. A decision will be made by April and a few regionals are up for the job.

Two-time US Open of Surfing winner Brett Simpson, of Huntington Beach, is a contender, Cruse said. Simpson coaches the USA Surfing junior team.

Brett Simpson gained notoriety as two-time champ of the US Open of Surfing. But this year the Huntington Beach surfer obligated his coaching debut and cured deserve amber for Team USA at the ISA World Junior Championships held last October in his hometown.( File Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

The teams had to submit a staff-generated list of potential coaches to the U.S. Olympic Committee. The surfers get to vote on who they want to coach them during the Games.

“Everyone experiences his corporation, he’s still current as far as his knowledge of surfing, ” Cruse said of Simpson. “When we made him to the ISA World Surfing Games, everyone was looking for recommendations from him on where to channel-surf — he was relaxed and spouting them up at the same time.”

Others on the directory of possibilities coaches include USA Surfing coach Chris Gallagher and San Clemente’s Mike Parsons, who managers Andino and Marks — though the other team surfers may feel his steering would commit his disciples biased advantage.

“That’s why the athletes get to decide, ” Cruse said. “He’s definitely in the running.”

Surfer Kolohe Andino constitutes for a painting during the course of its Team USA Tokyo 2020 Olympics shoot on November 21, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.( Photo by Harry How/ Getty Images) New nature, brand-new rules

Right now, the pro surfers are huge fish in a small pond.

“I don’t think they realize how small their pond is right now, ” Cruse said. “I don’t feel anyone understands how large-scale, and how high, their sketch will be raised.”

But surf companionships they represent will have to get creative if they want to go along for the ride.

There are strict rules about sponsorship logoes, a big change for contestants used to splashing stickers on their surfboards, on drapes, hats and anywhere they can accommodate label marketing.

Logos on wetsuits, for example, can’t be bigger than about the dimensions of the a credit card.

Already, surfers are getting their surfboards lay out, with three of the four surfers representing the United States squandering San Clemente shaper Matt Biolos.

They have to craft their timbers carefully. For example, Moore wanted to add an ancient Hawaiian pattern be provided to her by a friend, but it would be considered too political. So she opted for a pink, grey and off-color motif Biolis’ daughter Ryder, 13, decorated for her.

“They are pretty strict, you can only have your country flag, emblazons , no words, ” Cruse said. “It can’t be considered political or controversial.”

With Nike having a deal with the Olympics for regaliums, surfers primarily “re supposed” outfitted by Hurley- until a recent sales of the Costa Mesa brand shook things up.

“We have had this consider for two years, are you interested in honoring it? ” Cruse said he invited the brand-new owners. “They weren’t.”

Athletes is likely to be wearing Adidas as their attire sponsor, Ralph Lauren during openness and closing ceremonies, and Nike if they reach the medal podium.

Then, there will be the challenge of figuring out the coast field layout.

The site of the contest- Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach- will be transformed into a fete, much like the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach.

But unlike Surf City, where officials hope to host channel-surf occurrences when the Olympic Games come to Los Angeles in 2028, “there arent” inns lining this stretch of sea for easy access by athletes.

Cruse had to secure the USA team hotel site, about a quarter-mile from the event venue, more than two years ago. He said he simply sent over four donated electrical motorcycles from San Clemente-based manufacturer Murf, that the athletes will be implemented by during training in May and during the Olympic competition.

Many other athletes will have to stay near the Athlete Village, a 90 -minute train ride from Tokyo.

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“The hotels are sold out, ” Cruse said , mentioning even hotels far away from the beach are asking $ 1,000 a nighttime, with a 30 -night minimum. “It’s crazy.”

The surfing competition will be held during four daylights of an eight-day “waiting period” — between July 26 and Aug. 2 — to coincide with the best outlook waves.

In all, 20 men as well as 20 gals will compete at Tokyo 2020.

Two-time WSL Champion John John Florence of Hawaii is presented with a offering from the WSL for his provisional 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualification during the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters at Pipeline on December 19, 2019 in Oahu, United Regime.( Photo by Kelly Cestari/ WSL via Getty Images) And what about Slater?

Kelly Slater, the 11 -time world champ — and “the worlds largest” conspicuous face in the sport of channel-surf — could be left on the sidelines for this historic moment in the sport’s history.

Slater had a chance to do the team, but was edged out by Florence at the Billabong Pipe Masters two months away .

So now, Slater, as well as Santa Barbara surfer Lakey Peterson, are the firstly alternates- signifying if anyone does disabled and can’t compete, they will be the replacements.

Both will be joining USA team surfers at the ISA World Surf Games in El Salvador May 9 through 18 in a three-person team event, a qualifying rivalry that will determine the final defines of surfers to compete for countries that haven’t already solid their rosters.

But it’s unclear if Slater and Peterson will get front-row sits to the event in Japan. Some athletics let alters to travel with the team — including action athletics for which sparring partners are needed. But it’s not yet known if channel-surf will have the same allowances.

And for everyday love that were hoping to check out the history-making action live – good fortune locate tickets.

“There’s exactly no availability, ” Cruse said , mentioning he was the 10,700 th party in line to get tickets when a quantity was secreted online recently. “By the time I got there, everything was sold out again.”

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Winter bluefin found across Southern California

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SAN DIEGO — Bluefin tuna biting in the middle of February are providing anglers with an opportunity at quite an unexpected give. Things get up over the top the weekend of Feb. 15 and 16 though with good numbers of bluefin tuna enroll the offshore fishing draw in areas ranging from the liquids a short way outside of Newport Beach on down to the lower end of the 9 Mile Bank off San Diego.

Most of the bluefin have been in the 20 to 80 pound compas with there too being some unconfirmed radio clatter about a 225 pound bluefin being caught on Feb. 15. The best bluefin field is 2 to 5 miles outside of Newport Beach with additional bluefin sightings being reported by ships fishing 2 to five miles off the City of San Clemente, 2 to five miles off San Onofre, 2 to 5 miles off Oceanside and at both the high and low discontinues of the 9 Mile Bank.

The bluefin have been unearthed by feel spots of divulging fish that are frequently observed by diving chicks. Some of the first schools of bluefin were presented by crafts out on whale watching trip-ups while watching whales and porpoise/ dolphin in areas where there was a lot of enticement. The bluefin ought to have hooked in a variety of ways with most of the action coming in areas where breaking fish are showing. There have been reports of bluefin robbed on slow trolled mackerel, gradual trolled sardines, poppers and face iron with slow trolled mackerel reported to be working the best.

Sportboats fishing down the Mexican coast at the High Spot area outside of Punta Colnett have been fishing the field on what are mostly 1.5 day trips and have been doing well on a mix of wines, rockfish, lingcod, bonito and yellowtail.

The yellowtail being caught on the Punta Colnett area jaunts ought to have going up into the 20 -plus pound class.

Boats fishing for ruby-reds and rockfish around Los Coronado Islands continue to do very well and have also been catching an occasional bonus lingcod. Good fields for the bottom fishing include hard foot areas to the north , northeast and northwest of North Island while working in 25 to 55 sees of irrigate. Also productive has been fishing the lower part of the 9 Mile Bank while keeping on the Mexico side of the border and fishing in the 60 to 80 fathom extents. Another good rockfish region around Los Coronado Islands has been fishing smudges along the South Kelp Ridge below South Island in the 20 to 40 see depths.

An ongoing reminder to anglers is that the annual two-month rockfish/ groundfish close on the U.S. area of the Mexico border remains in effect until March 1, 2020. With the rockfish/ groundfish close still in effect, Southern California anglers fishing in US waters continue to focus their efforts on genus that are still open to fishing and there has been good action for a mix of sand bass, calico bass, perch and sculpin along with a few halibut and an periodic commotion of yellowtail action.

Productive countries for bass and sculpin ought to have the Imperial Beach Pipeline, the province above the Imperial Beach Pier while fishing in 7 to 8 measures of ocean, the hard underside areas to the southeast of the Whistler Buoy at Point Loma, the hard foot to the north and northwest of Buoy# 5 at Point Loma, the Point Loma Pipeline, the Jetty Kelp outside of Mission Bay, the Variety Kelp while fishing below the MLPA closure zone at the lower end of La Jolla, the upper expiration of La Jolla, the Anderson and Buccaneer Pipelines, the artificial shoals outside of Oceanside and Box Canyon.

Areas producing some halibut act along the San Diego County coast are 180 to 220 hoofs of water outside of the Oceanside Pier, the sandy tush ranges neighboring to the structure of the Yukon shipwreck off Mission Beach, the sandy tush contiguou to the structure of the sunken NEL Tower off Mission Beach and the zone between the Imperial Beach Pier and Tijuana River. San Diego Bay is another place where some halibut have been morsel as well.

The manifests of yellowtail along the San Diego County coast remain unreliable and incoherent. The most pressing illustrates of yellowtail have been found in an area run from outside of Mission Bay on up to the lower part of the MLPA closure zone at the lower end of La Jolla. Locating bait in this sector can be an indicator of a locate where yellowtail might establish. There has also been a lot of enticement off Imperial Beach and there have been periodic demoes of yellowtail spotted around the bait schools off Imperial Beach. A good extent straddle to try and locate yellowtail has been in 18 to 30 measures of water.

The coastal yellowtail have been mostly 18 to 25 pound fish and yellows ought to have located by observe sonar marks, rhythm ratings and smudges of wielding fowls. Once located, yo-yo iron, surface cast-iron, mackerel and sardines have all been working for the yellowtail with skin-deep iron toiling the best.

Good picks for yo-yo iron include Salas 6X and 6X Jr. jigs in off-color and grey and clambered egg complexions. Good alternatives for face iron include Salas 7X light-footeds and Tady 45 ’s in blue and white, slew and sardine colorings. The sardines and mackerel have worked while sluggish trolled, flylined and fished deep with a dropper loop-the-loop rig. There are reports of mackerel being caught for enticement in about 40 -5 0 foot of sea off the Mission Bay jetties.

With bluefin tuna in the picture during the middle of February, it looks like we could be headed for a very interested 2020 fishing season. Keep on fishing and I hope to see you out on the spray!

Bob Vanian is the voice, columnist and researcher of the San Diego-based internet fish report service called 976 -Bite which can be found at www. 976 Vanian also provides anglers with a personal fish report service over the telephone at 619 -2 26 -8 218. He ever welcomes your fish reports at that same telephone number or at bob9 76 gnaw @aol. com.

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In the moment 2

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Back in 2019 I developed a video called “In the moment”. The concept followed us through the season and now in 2020, it has come full circle. Whenever you go on the sea it very important to submerge yourself in the moment. No difficulty the level of strength we use paddling as an escape, a time to practice, a time to get away a time to train or most importantly to be with friends and build our linkages. Great beings bordered us. They all have so much passion for the boast of sea kayaking. Remember to be in the moment! We look forward to welcoming you to Nova Scotia. A special thanks go out 2 P& H Sea Kayak, Lendal Paddles, Kokatat, Team Core, My family and friends on and off the water.

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NOAA to implement hard cap closure rule for drift gillnet fishery

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WEST COAST–A federal final ruler determining brand-new closure the standard rules on the California and Oregon drift gillnet fishery for swordfish and thresher sharks will go into effect on March 9. The final convention was announced in response to a federal court ruling in January.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration( NOAA) and National Marine Fisheries Service( NMFS) announced they are, for the purposes of the Magnuson-Stevens Act( MSA ), authorized to implement the “immediate closure” of the California and Oregon drift gillnet fishery( 14 -inch minimum mesh width) for swordfish and thresher shark.

Closures would be implemented if the hard ceiling on fatality/ hurt for protected genus was met during a wheel two-year period.

“The length of shutdown will be dependent on when the hard cap is reached, ” NOAA staff stated in the final ruler document, which was published on on Feb. 7. “The implementation of hard caps is intended to manage the fishery under the MSA to protect sure-fire non-target species.”

The drift gillnet fishery has been closed inside the entire U.S. West Coast exclusive financial area, between Feb. 1 and April 30, since 1982. Another shutdown was initiated in 1986, deterring the impetu gillnet fishery off limits from inside 75 miles of the California mainland, between June 1 and Aug. 14. The 1986 shutdown aimed to conserve the common thresher shark person, and, by 1990, was extended to include May.

NMFS staff would also expand restraints to protect endangered leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles.

“The number of active pots in the[ drift gillnet] fishery has remained[ at less than] 50 vessels since 2003, with an average of 20 active tanks per year from 2010 through 2018, ” NOAA staff stated in its final govern document.

Protected hard caps became a part of the policy direction in 2012. The remit of hard-cap protection expanded from sea turtle interactions to all marine mammals by 2014.

The hard-cap policy continued to gain momentum through 2016. NMFS, that time, nominated a plan of action to include two-year rolling hard-handed caps based on seen fatality/ injury. The proposed standard, however, was withdrawn in June 2017, due to what NMFS described as duplication and inconsistency.

A federal lawsuit was initiated one month last-minute and culminated in a finding issued on Jan. 8 of this year.

“The court ordered NMFS to publish a final settle for hard caps by Feb. 7, 2020, ” the NOAA final regulate substantiate territory. “The order also states that NMFS shall consult with the Pacific Fisheries Management Council … before making such a revisions to the proposed regulations.”

Members of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council, however, aren’t meeting until March, symbolizing the court order made the issue before NMFS staff could consult with the council on possible revisions.

NMFS, accordingly, published the hard ceilings regulations as originally proposed, as directed by the court order. NOAA territory NMFS staff would follow up and engage with the council on the fiscal the consequences of the hard-cap regulation, as part of a separate rulemaking.

Public comment on the final rule will be accepted through March 23.

NOAA staff added a specific distinction about the intent of the final regulation( and hard-cap regulation ): the mandated restraints administer a fishery, as resisted organizing a category population.

“The implementation of hard-bitten covers is intended to manage the fishery under the MSA to protect sure-fire non-target species, ” the NOAA final govern document territory. “Its purpose is not to manage marine mammal or endangered species populations, but instead to enhance the provisions of the Endangered Species Act … and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.”

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Nominations sought for Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council

February 20th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Nominations sought for Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The government of the united states. Department of the Interior has issued a request for nominations for individuals to be considered for membership on the Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council.

The council performs solely as a consultative body on aquatic conservation endeavors advantaging recreational fishery resources and recreational boating.

Membership on the council is capped at 18 members, appointed by the Secretary of the Interior for a period not to outperform three years. Four current members’ periods expire April 1. Those representatives are eligible to be re-nominated and re-appointed.

Council members must be senior-level representatives of recreational fishing, boating and aquatic resource conservation organisations or must have the ability to represent their nominated constituencies. Among others, council member responsibilities and duties include 😛 TAGEND

Providing advice to assist in the carrying out of the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956 Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating specific federal activities affecting aquatic systems and the recreational fisheries they patronage Recommending polices or programs to: growth public awareness and support for the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund; promote protection and morals in recreational fish and boating; and simulate angler and boater participation in the conservation and regaining of aquatic sources through outreach and education.

Nominations should include a resume requiring contact information and a description of qualifications.

Nominations can be submitted by email or mail. The deadline is March 6; email submissions must be dated March 6 and mailed submissions must be postmarked. Nomination symbols should be addressed to Ms. Aurelia Skipwith, Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Mailed nominations can be sent to Linda Friar, Designated Federal Officer; Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; 5275 Leesburg Pike, Mailstop 3C016-AFAC; Falls Church, VA 22041 -3 803 and email nominations can be sent to linda_friar @fws. gov.

For more information visit https :// 39 W0CiL.

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