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California spiny lobster season nears its end

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STATEWIDE–All good things come to an end- for California’s 2019 -2 020 spiny lobster season, that end is nearing. The season ends March 18 at midnight.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife( CDFW) prompts anglers spiny lobster report cards are due by April 30. They can be filled out online at 2UY6G5Y or mailed to CDFW, Lobster Report Card, 3883 Ruffin Rd ., San Diego, CA 92123.

CDFW requires all anglers, even young ones, to have a spiny lobster report card in their hold while fishing for or making lobster. The placards must be reported even if no lobsters were taken or no tries were made to take lobsters.

If multiple spiny lobster report cards were purchased, all placards, including lost placards, should be reported to avoid the $ 20 non-return fee when purchasing a spiny lobster report card next lobster fish season.

According to CDFW, unlike commercial-grade catch, the department had very little reliable information on the magnitude of the recreational lobster catch and fishing sector prior to the opening of the lobster report card.

“Data from these report card allow us to determine if catch is increasing or abridging, the number of members of lobsters caught per fishing trip, and which gear character is the most efficient, ” CDFW Marine Environmental Scientist Jenny Hofmeister said in a liberated proclamation. “All these portions of information help managers monitor the population. Everyone benefits from reporting your catch on time. Lobster divers and hoop netters avoid paying the non-return fee, and, most importantly, CDFW scientists can ensure the fishery remains sustainable.”

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Bunny Palooza returns Saturday to San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter

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They’re cute, they’re cuddly and on Saturday, Feb. 29, adoptable rabbits are $20 off and come with a reproduce of” The House Rabbit Handbook ,” pellets and hay. Bunny Palooza Rabbit Adoption and Education Day will boast experts to answer your bunny questions, plus bunny goodies, pellets, forage and refreshments for bunny’s human friends.


When: noon-3 p.m. Saturday

Where: San Clemente-Dana Pont Animal Shelter, 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente

Information: 949 -4 92 -1 617

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NOAA plan would help improve recreational fishing data collection efforts

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STATEWIDE–A regional implementation intention crafted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration( NOAA) would help improve recreational net the data collected exertions on the West Coast. The data, in turn, are in favour of fisheries science and management along the California coast.

NOAA announced the Pacific Coast Recreational Fisheries Information Network, or Pacific RecFIN, completed its Marine Recreational Information Program Regional Implementation Plan earlier this year.

“These contrives represent a significant shift for the programme. They clearly establish that regional collaborators will have a direct capacity in determining which cross-examine techniques are most suitable for their discipline, stock appraisal, and administration needs, ” NOAA staff said in a exhausted evidence. “The[ 30 -page] programme was created in response to Pacific Coast regional needs to enhance data for regional fishery management and science.”

Pacific RecFIN distinguished seven priorities the implementation plan should address 😛 TAGEND

Maintain/ reinstate cornerstone elevation funding for saltwater sampling Implement/support ameliorated electronic data collection Expand on-board sampling of fishing vessels( business passenger and recreational charter) Explore new information technologies to improve “round-the-clock monitoring of recreational fishing vessels as they exit harbors to fish the ocean” Stratify defendant charter sampling by tour type and sampling period( for SoCal’s highly migratory categories) Improve access to Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey database Gauge historic catch records, statewide.

Pacific RecFIN was established in 1992 and is a Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission program. Its body is comprised of representatives from the commission, Pacific Fishery Management Council, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Multihome garage sale planned for Saturday in South Laguna

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Nearly 20 residences in South Laguna will participate in the annual community yard sale on Saturday, Feb. 29.

The event was put together by South Laguna resident Chris Tebbutt four years ago as a way to build community.

This year, vicinity boys will sell lemonade, chocolate and donuts to customers. Money parent will benefit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which recoveries sick and injured naval mammals from along Orange County’s coastline.

Signs to the participating homes will subsequently be issued along South Coast Highway between West Street and 10 th Avenue. Each mansion too will have maps to target shoppers to other homes.

” This annual event is always so recreation and a natural propagation of local communities vibe in South Laguna ,” Tebbutt said.

Participating residences include 32006 Coast Highway, 31907 9th Ave ., 31516 Monterey St ., 31576 Scenic Drive, 31553 West St ., 31562 Santa Rosa Drive, 31602 Fairview, 31441 Holly Drive, 31632 Wildwood Road, 31365 Monterey St ., 31544 Eagle Rock, 31706 Scenic Drive, 31261 Monterey St ., 31684 Wildwood Road and 31352 Monterey St.

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Expert will share the fascinating life of the monarch butterfly in in San Clemente

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Discover the monarch butterfly’s life cycle from birth to movement with an expert from the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in Monterey County, one of the largest monarch overwintering places in America. The planned takes sit March 5 at Casa Romantica Cultural Center in San Clemente.

Tickets are $12 representative, $18 general at .


When: 7 p. m. March 5

Where: Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente

Information: 949 -4 98 -2 139

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