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Looking for a super-fun, healthy, and memorable family treat? 

Visit Pure Watersports in Dana Point.  The convenient on-the-water location to quickly rent and enjoy kayaking with the family is an OC favorite.

Considering a Jet Ski Adventure?

Convenient rentals of high-performance jet skis from PWS’ convenient on-the-water location make it simple and easy to enjoy safe and exciting jet ski adventures with the family.

Here at Pure Watersports, we specialize in a wide range of watersports enjoyment, outdoor recreation, and improved health/wellbeing issues. Our expert customer service team can help you be safe and feel comfortable during your kayak or jet ski adventure.

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For families and adventurous young adults seeking fun, healthy enjoyment & even kayak fishing. Enjoy a low-cost, easy on-the-water kayaking adventure in Dana Point.

For families and adventurous young adults seeking fun, healthy enjoyment & adrenalin rush. Enjoy a super-fun on-the-water jet-skiing adventure in Dana Point


Pure Watersports has been serving Dana Point, CA for 18 years. Our team of Kayak & Jet Ski sales & Kayak, Jet Ski, & SUP rental experts use their years of experience helping customers make life-long memories. Most importantly, we offer an on-the-water location for convenient, time-saving family fun. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Common Myths About Kayak Rentals

Ocean Kayaking is Difficult

With a quick lesson provided by PWS, the very stable kayaks are simple to use and fun.

Kayaking is Unsafe in Dana Point Harbor

At PWS, customer safety is job #1. The very stable kayaks and mostly calm harbor waters lead to a very safe and secure kayaking adventure.

The ocean is full of deadly sharks

Shark sightings by kayakers and jet ski customers in Dana Point are extremely rare.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

After considering some of our many reviews, can we meet? Visit Pure Watersports in Dana Point and enjoy convenient rentals of performance Hobie Kayaks, Jet Skis and SUPs, and Hobie Kayak Sales. 

Yesli Massyl Dahmane

I rented a jet ski today and I’m impressed by how professional and helpful everyone on their team was. The girl at the reception was super patient, helpful, went through all the rules, and the guy helping me to get on the jet ski, was super professional and patient as well. The staff in their office, the older gentleman helping with life vests, and a big smile and energy. All of them were friendly and outstanding. Their equipment is in excellent shape, you guys made my day, thank you 🙂

Chris Banda – Local Guide Level 5

Simple and easy rentals. My wife and I shared a kayak rental for two hours. Pickup was quick! (They asked you to leave keys or an ID) Then get your vests on and walk down to the dock which is literally right in front of the shop. Workers were helpful to us get into a kayak and situate ourselves—even took a photo.We got lost finding the place (it’s in the boat loading area of the Embarcadero)—Google maps had us go down the peninsula for some reason. But even showing up 15min late, they still let us use our reservation and even said we have two hours from the time we left the dock in the kayak! Overall, very chill staff!

Vib Mehrotra – Local Guide Level 7

Located at Dana Point Harbor, this is a nice place to rent water sports equipment. It can be a little hard to get to this place as it is inside the harbor. You can either park at the harbor for $5 or park at the free parking further away.  Overall good experience to rent kayaks and pedalboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Watersports customers enjoy a quick pre-launch training session helping them feel confident, and secure in their kayaking skills and have an enjoyable kayaking adventure

The designated jet ski riding area is very safe, and customers receive a full lesson in advance, so they feel safe, comfortable, and confident.