Affordable Single and Double Kayak Rental

Want to spend more time on the water? Whether you want to paddle around for an hour or spend the entire day kayaking, Pure Watersports has you covered. Choose from single kayaks, double kayaks, and fishing kayaks with rental options to suit your needs.

We make it easy to book your kayak rental online. Browse real-time availability to choose the date and time and instantly confirm your rental.

Single Kayak Rental

Single kayaks seat one person, allowing you to kayak whenever you want. You have the freedom to paddle at your own pace and can enjoy the solitude of the open waters.

All single kayak rentals include one of our high-quality kayaks with convenient cargo space for storing your gear. Our inventory includes the best kayaks on the market, giving you an affordable way to enjoy kayaking.

Double Kayak Rental

Double kayaks are the preferred way to kayak in groups of two. With two sets of arms, you can travel further or take turns when one of you tires. As with our one-person kayaks, our two-person kayaks are of the highest quality and always inspected for safety.

Fishing Kayak Rental

Fishing kayak rental is the perfect option for enjoying two activities in one. Unlike the standard one-person kayak, the fishing kayak has extra storage compartments and fishing rod holders.

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Whether you plan on kayaking solo or in tandem, you can choose from one-hour, two-hour, three-hour, four-hour, or all-day rental. All rentals are available through our location in Dana Point, which serves customers throughout the region, including San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, and Laguna Niguel.

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