Friends in town?

Want to get the family out for some fun?

Been working too hard and need to blow off some steam?

What better way to re-energize than to take a jet ski out for a spin. Our jet skis are kept on the water, ready to go when you are. All our jet skis are quiet and clean 4 stroke models and are the most powerful model you will find in any rental fleet. And we regularly replace them with new units to ensure safety and reliability. It’s what we do.

Kawasaki STX15F 1500cc

Kawasaki STX15F 1500cc or similar

Sit-Down Watercraft
1-3 Passengers

    • All renters must participate in a pre-launch instructional safety briefing.
    • Morning rates apply up to 11:30 am.
    • Security Deposits are required.
    • Operators must be 16 yrs or older and passengers can be of any age.
    • Weekend rates charged on holidays.
    • Rental jet skis must remain in our designated riding zone.
  • Number of passengers limited by total weight, not to exceed 300 pounds.
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