Wildlife In Your Backyard

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Southern California is rich in our proximity to a variety of sceneries. We knows where to find mountains, sea-coasts or deserts in our backyards. We are lucky to be so close to nature’s playground, especially when we encounter the people who call it home. That’s why Orange County Coastkeeper participated in the City Nature Challenge. If you didn’t get the chance, you can still follow the steps below for a merriment undertaking for the whole family.

Participation is easy 😛 TAGEND

Step 1: Go out into your backyard and record the wildlife you find- floras or animals

Find common souls like:

Opossums: Find them in your garden as they chew bullets, snails and bugs that are commonly garden secure. Squirrels: Find them in your plot, wide grassy spaces, or racing up and down trees. Skunks: They live in burrows, bush stilts, or hollow logs. You might find them under the deck, or your porch.

Step 2: Use the iNatualist App to submit your acquires at https :// www.inaturalist.org /

Step 3: Have fun exploring the wildlife around you!

Need more suggestions? Take photos of native or drought tolerant flowers- here are some theories 😛 TAGEND

California Yarrow Apricot Mallow California Lilac

You can learn more about drought tolerant floras like these by reading about our Smartscape program at https :// www.coastkeeper.org/ advocacy/ smartscape /

Good luck, and recollect to keep in mind yours and wildlife’s safety. Be sure to show us where you go and what you find- tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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