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Whale off our coast tangled in net

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We have been notifying customers about this situation for the last couple of days. We hope that the whale is quickly located and proper aid can be given. Contact Captain Dave of Dolphin Safari if you happen to see anything on the water in the days to come. You can call them at (949)488-2828.

Dear Dolphin Safari Friends,


If you live in Orange  or San Diego counties we are hoping that you can help us. On Thursday, this small gray whale (about 12 to 20-feet in length) was seen from the Ocean Beach pier heading north. Later that day, about 4 miles away another report come in that a small gray whale approached two surfers (possibly to get help?) and lifted their boards out of the water, rubbing itself against their boards and feet.  The two surfers were thrilled with the close encounter, but noted on Facebook that ‘one bummer was that the whale might be dragging something behind it’.  Other observers have said it has a line near its head and that its only 12 to 15 feet in length.

The whale was seen several times that day, always close to shore and by people on the beach. Because much of the coastline has reefs, rocks, and dense kelp beds, a search by boat will be very problematic.

So we are asking you, our dolphin and whale fans, to keep a sharp eye out for this distressed whale. If you are at the beach, then please look for it.  It may be moving very slowly.  The surfers initially thought it was a rock, and that was from just twenty feet away.

Three disentanglement teams are standing by.  If you see the whale please call the Large Whale Disentanglement Hotline  24/7 at (877) SOS-WHALE (767-9425) or hail the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF CH-16.  We have several trips out today, but as you know, our vessels cannot get that close to shore, so Capt. Dave & I will be out on our inflatable looking. If you see something, you can also call us at 949 488-2828.

We thank you for your help and prayers for this whale.

Warm regards,

Capt. Dave & Gisele

Check out the new Hobie Pro Angler 17

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The new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T is a fishing machine with comfort, stability and room for everything you need, including another person. Plus, it’s powered by the patented Hobie MirageDrive pedal system.

The fully adjustable Vantage XT seating can be setup in multiple configurations: in-line tandem, face-to-face social tandem, or as a single. The PA17T is the perfect platform to teach a young one how to fish, take your family member out, or simply fish hard with your best fishing buddy. Fishing rod storage, both front and rear, holds up to 12 rods and the new H-Rail System allows you to customize accessory placement.

Both users can stand and fish in comfort and each cockpit is fitted with a large rectangular hatch with pivoting tackle management system; there’s even additional under-seat storage for bringing plenty of tackle boxes. The Lowrance® Ready feature with pre-installed thru-hull cable plug outlets makes adding most fishfinders easy. Use it “guide style” where the aft passenger provides power and puts the front angler on the fish or add an optional trolling motor to use it like a bass boat. Add the optional Livewell XL for storing your catch or taking plenty of live bait.

The hull will cut through ocean swells and the drop down skeg provides solid tracking over long voyages. With three rudder control steering handles, you can position the boat from any seating location while you or your buddy battles the big one. This vessel has found its niche through human propulsion via the MirageDrive, the ability to launch in no-motor zones or areas with no boat ramp, and minimal maintenance thanks to its durable polyethylene hull and rigid components.

Anticipated availability, Fall 2014.

Check out HobieCat website for more information

Great Article on Hobie Kayaks

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John Scafetta wrote a great article in the FishRap this month, outlining the different models.  Check it out!

DANA POINT — Adjacent to the docks of Dana Point Jet Ski & Kayak Center, just off the channel opening of the harbor, representatives from Hobie Cat Kayak and members of FishRap recently met for a day of kayak fishing.

The group ventured past Baby Beach and the seawall to put Hobie’s line of high-performance kayaks to the test.

Mirage Pro Angler 14     

For the business-like fisherman, reeling in legal-sized sea bass, yellowtail, halibut and barracuda in Dana Point Harbor can be a breeze with the Mirage Pro Angler 14.

The hull, much like all of Hobie’s models, is American-made and inspected, by hand, down the road at company headquarters in Oceanside. The bulky frame of the 14, labeled the company’s bestselling kayak, allows for expanded cargo room and plenty of space to access the hull. Excelling in maneuverability and stability, the kayak effortlessly bowls through overzealous kelp bed with ease, while managing seawater swells with hardly any hiccups.

The Pro Angler 14, which is available in yellow, dune and olive colors, also offers an easy-to-reach center hatch and a fully adjustable vantage seat. Hours on the water come with comfort as little repositioning was needed during our voyage. The kayak’s seat-back, bottom, height and lumbar-support are all easily adjustable.

Stowage for multiple tackle boxes is easily accessible, and a hatch in front of the rider’s seat conceals the mesh storage. Six horizontal rod holders located behind the seat keep the tools out of harm’s way. A primary and secondary steering handle allow the boat to be maneuvered from either the port or starboard sides of the boat.

Still, the highlight here is the optional Livewell system included in the demo run. An 8-gallon, live-bait tank with a rechargeable battery allows seawater to flow, keeping live-bait fresh for several hours. The school of anchovies in our tank survived more than four hours aboard. The kayak’s mounting boards allow anglers to install fish-finders and other accessories without reconfiguring the anatomy of the hull.

Pro Angler 12        

Lighter in size than the 14, the Pro Angler 12 is a versatile fishing vessel which offers similar stability and capability. The hull is also Livewell-ready and allows for plenty of storage in the stern’s generous cargo area. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, the vessel’s ability to transport top catches landside is no problem. Other specs include: four horizontal rod holders, dual steering and a large front hatch.


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You are here Landing sizable halibut fishing Cook Inlet from a 12-foot kayak

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Alaske Dispatch News just posted this article.  Amazing what kind of fish people are catching on their kayaks!

The 57-pound halibut Rudy Tsukada caught last month in the Cook Inlet was no small feat. Sure, it wasn’t a barn door by Alaska halibut standards, but then Tsukada isn’t your standard Alaska fisherman, either.

The 48-year-old from Anchorage caught the flatfish from a kayak.

Instead of strapping on chest waders or hip boots like many anglers, Tsukada’s routine involves squeezing into a dry suit before heading out on his 12-foot Hobie Outback — a pedal-powered, sit-on-top kayak that provides more stability than a typical sea kayak. It’s rigged with a rod holder, a downrigger and even a fish finder. The geometry of the kayak allows anglers to catch a big one without getting dumped.

“These kayaks aren’t like the sit-inside kayaks,” Tsukada said. “These are ultra-stable. I catch fish with my feet hanging over the side.”

On June 20, the day he caught the 57-pounder, Tsukada kept his feet planted firmly in the front of the kayak.

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San Clemente Island – Team Dana Point Jet Ski

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As Ken and I head down to the landing, the anticipation is killing us.  With kayaks in the back of the truck bed and our tackle, consisting of 7” and 8” MC swim baits  and weedless jigs, our hope is that we will be putting big Calico bass in our kayaks all day. Our journey begins on our sponsored 2.5 day trip with Dana Point Jet Ski aboard the beautiful Islander. This trip was a true VIP trip with only 10 anglers on board who were all looking to put that fish of a lifetime in their kayak. After the low down from the captain we were on our way to San Clemente Island.  We were told that we would be fishing the backside of the island.  I had never fished the backside, I had only heard stories of the big calicos and crazy structure that we would get to play in with our Hobie Revolutions.

Day one for me was a crazy one.  I loaded with four rods in my boat and I decided to get right on the hunt for the calico of a lifetime.  Ken and I headed straight for the intense boiler rocks of the island with crazy swells and crashing waves.  I stood back to make my move to get close enough to cast my 7’’ weedless bait coated with unibutter. As I was working my bait back to the boat I was trying to multi-task keeping my eye on the swell behind me and trying to stay a safe distance from the boiler rock.  Soon, I got rocked by a big bass.  I set the hook and begin to wind, fighting him to the boat.  At one point he spits it, only for him to return right at the boat. The combination of the last violent bite and the swell put my kayak upside down and me in the water, At all my seminars I always teach anglers to dress to swim and rig to flip.  Thankfully, I took my own advice and I only lost one rod and I managed to fight this fish in the water and landed him.  After Ken helped me back on my boat we were on our way to put more Clemente Calico bass in our boats.

The island has a forest of kelp beds.  We love to target these areas with weedless jigs tipped with Berkley gulp curly tail grubs. As we were fishing these heavy kelp areas, we found that the sheephead were taking our baits along with dozens of Calico bass. Bass after bass, our hands begin to take a beating from holding all these beautiful bass.  Our days consisted of us fishing boilers, potholing kelp beds and fishing kelp stringers with big baits. We ended our 2.5 days with well over 100 calicos with over half of them being legal and most in the 6lb range. I have to say we had a blast with the fist class service of the Islander, with gourmet dinners, confortable beds and VIP service.  It made our days go so smooth.  On these trips the crew does everything for you, from putting your boat in the water to bringing you a cold drink on the water. They even brought tackle from my bag to me on the water, keeping me from making the trip back to the boat.

We had a killer group of anglers on this trip and I enjoyed all of them.  If you haven’t been on a mothership trip before you need to contact Tim at Dana Point Jet Ski and get on the next one.  It will change your life.

Open til 7:00pm for 4th of July Weekend!

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The Fourth of July is coming up and we want to keep you on the water.  In memory of our independence, we will keep our doors open from 9:00 am to 7:00pm this Saturday and Sunday.  Come to the beach and escape the heat and make this 4th one to remember.  We’ve beefed up our fleet to make sure there are plenty of ways for you and the family to paddle a kayak, stand up paddle board, surf or cruise around on a Jet Ski. It’s what we do.

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