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Offshore Kayak Fishing in Panama, surprise Black Marlin

March 5th, 2021 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Offshore Kayak Fishing in Panama, surprise Black Marlin”

Follow Robert Field on an offshore kayak fishing session in Panama. Blue skies, clear water and big fish make up for a great edit, check it out:

« In this episode we’re mothershipping the clients and their kayaks to a legendary spot 10 miles down the Pacific coast from Los Buzos Resort in southern Panama. The morning starts off with nonstop action, and before long, all hell breaks loose when a HUGE black marlin starts jumping out of the water right in front of my kayak! Then, back at the lodge, we’re cooking up our catch and reminiscing on the day’s events. «

Health Benefits of Kayaking at Pure Watersports

February 11th, 2021 Posted by Kayak Fishing 0 comments on “Health Benefits of Kayaking at Pure Watersports”

There are so many health benefits of kayaking that you would struggle to find a topic that did not apply to this activity. It is a great way to get outdoors and get your exercise in while still being within close reach of home or any destination. There are many sports that can be done while on the water such as kayaking. This sport has been around for thousands of years so you know it is good for you.

Water sports provide a lot of fun to people who enjoy them. Many people prefer to take a day trip on a kayak into the lake or river to enjoy a lazy afternoon or evening on a water sport. Some prefer to kayak from ashore, some sit on their deck and enjoy the water up close, and some are out at the lake or the river in a motorized boat to experience the water first hand. Whatever your preference, there is a water sport perfect for you. There are so many to choose from you will be amazed.

Kayaking provides an excellent way to build body strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. The resistance offered by the water is great for your heart and lungs. The resistance you get when you go up against the resistance in the water is similar to that which you get in a running position. Kayaking can be very good for the muscles in your legs as well as your abdominal muscles.

Kayaking also offers great flexibility to your muscles. You do not have to spend hours in the water trying to keep the same position because as soon as you get out of the water the positions do not have to be the same. This allows you to enjoy the water and at the same time get some much-needed flexibility. Kayaks have been known to loosen muscles and this can be very therapeutic for those who suffer from a variety of muscle-related ailments.

Kayaks also offer extreme resistance in the form of wind resistance. As you turn in the water, the resistance increases as the bow wave gathers behind you. This is a natural effect of turning in the water. Kayaking is a great exercise because you can obtain cardiovascular benefits from working hard while out in the water. It is also a form of relaxation and you will find yourself laughing and having fun when you are paddling in the ocean.

These are only a few of the health benefits of kayaking but it should be enough to convince anyone to try this sport. You can purchase quality kayaks that will provide you with all of these benefits. Make sure that you do a lot of research so that you purchase one that fits your lifestyle and needs. The last thing you want to do is buy a kayak that is too big or small for you. You will want to do plenty of testing before making a purchase so that you will have a great kayak that is going to serve you for many years to come.


Primitive Ocean Kayak Fishing and Dolphin Encounter with Chad Zuber

November 20th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Primitive Ocean Kayak Fishing and Dolphin Encounter with Chad Zuber”

Lost on a pacific island, alone, away from civilization but still want to go kayak fishing? No trouble for Chad Zuber … << check this out! << Last week I posted the first video of my primitive cattail boat as I launched from the beach and managed to push the small bushcraft sea vessel through the waves and reach the calmness of the open ocean. This raft or kayak proved to be very stable and reliable on the water as I paddled around for about an hour. In this video, I take the same kayak out again but this time I’m bringing my fishing gear to practice some primitive ocean survival fishing techniques with an artificial lure and fresh bait. During this three and a half hour voyage I found myself among a school of dolphin and even had a visit by a sea lion. Once again the kayak performed very well and I am looking forward to even greater adventures at sea in the near future. >>

Kayak Fishing for Squid CRAZY session

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Fishing in my hobie pro angler 14 kayak chasing big squid. There is no better room to shoot a feed of calamari then in a kayak. It’s a fun and rewarding flesh of fishing. Make sure you watch until the end as things start a little slow but then a small window of chaos catching amend after improvement with the last squid having a 41 cm scarf. I do get a little excited in this one. If you experience the video, then please subscribe to the channel. Was fishing during the rising tide Port Phillip Bay south UV jigs in 3 gram in gold and red doing the damage.

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My First Year Journey in Kayak Fishing – Native Watercraft Titan

October 22nd, 2019 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “My First Year Journey in Kayak Fishing – Native Watercraft Titan”

This year was the first year I have Kayak Fished and the first time I ever competed in any angling tournaments. I wanted to share some of the moments over this first Kayak Fishing season that are some of the moments you don’t see about the expedition on social media. Often you will see beings post their biggest fish, and I do that as well. But most of the time we aren’t catching the’ BIGGEST’ fish. We are learning a reservoir, learning a working method, duelling these components or only experiencing having a good time. I hope my video can invigorate others to try Kayak Fishing and “ve realized that” the charm is the journey itself. Don’t worry about others or compare yourself to smoothed media posts. Be yourself and have fun. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you are so inclined.

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Kayak Fishing: Sight Fishing the Oconee – Hooked on Wild Waters S5 E4 presented by Georgia Power

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Kayak Bass Fishing: River Bassin’ on the Oconee, presented by GA Power Drew is joined by Kayak Bass Fishing’s Chad Hoover, and the duo do a bit << river bassin >> on the beautiful Oconee River in Milledgeville, GA. The post spawn fish are scattered and the burn proves challenging, so they target anything that dives. This proves to be a fun way to turn a hard epoch into one they’ll never forget. In true fashion, they finally key in on their target species, bass, and register what this creek is capable of! While in Milledgeville, they stop in and speak with Mark Gordy, of GA Power, about water security. Exactly recollect, SPLASH! Chad also illustrates a little more about Kayak Bass Fishing, what it is, how it wields and how you can get involved!

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Sigi’s first trip out, Yellowtail craziness at Simonstown!

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The yellowtail went crazy, the kayakers disappeared crazy and the boaters lost all sanity. We had a few boaters rev their barges right through scholls of yellowtail, through the kayakers and person every impression of sanity was travel from everyone! It was the best day ever at Simonstown!

Sigi was paddling the Legend Kayaks Trident I was on my Stealth Profisha5 75 Unfortunately my camera battery said fairly and was tired … But I spare no effort to get myself a yellowtail! On the revolve as well, the best way to catch them! The yellowtail been put forward a good fight but it was easy work for my Hearty Rise Black Force 762 H rod.

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Pedal vs Paddle Offshore Kayak Fishing | How I Handle the Surf Part 2

October 16th, 2019 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Pedal vs Paddle Offshore Kayak Fishing | How I Handle the Surf Part 2”

ACK Fishing Team member Chris Castro has wasted countless hours in the surf, and he enjoys sharing things he’s learned along the way. As promised, “thats part” 2 into how he administers the surf, this time coming back in. Due to request he’s included an extra 7 instants to also discuss a red-hot topic in service industries. Pedal vs Paddle for offshore kayak fishing. Remember that each territory faces different challenges, with that being said, this is in reference to drawbacks he faces on the Texas coast. Always remember to rig and leash appropriately, wear a PFD at all times, a helmet for added shield, and under supervision.

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Kayak Fishing Whangaparaoa – Kingfish & John Dory

December 27th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Kayak Fishing Whangaparaoa – Kingfish & John Dory”

Amazing genus fished now, check out this video! << It was a calm morning out from Army Bay in the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Whangaparaoa is just North of Auckland and has stacks of fishy neighborhoods so it typically doesn’t make long to get specific actions. Light gales originated paddling very comfortable and I had plans to fish a shallow reef with strayline baits, then maybe barter to a livebait later on in the day. With the numerous kingfish all over the baitfish were elusive, though I did end up snagging a kingi on a softbait which ended with a bust off. The fishing was overall pretty slow for that place, with exclusively big fish going secured; nonetheless, on one particular descend, two life record snapper were secured, one of which intent up get swallowed by a nice john dory. This was a brand-new categories for me, so super stoked with this catch! >>

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2018 IFA Kayak Championship – Grand Isle, LA

December 25th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “2018 IFA Kayak Championship – Grand Isle, LA”

The IFA Redfish Tour pates to Grand Isle, Louisiana as best available kayak anglers in the commonwealth compete in the 2018 IFA Redfish Tour Kayak Championship!

The IFA is the largest grass roots inshore fishing tournament company in America. We are dedicated to conducting economical inshore catch and liberate, fishing tournaments in all regions of the country where redfish and other species are procured. Our formats are designed with the rookie, intermediate, and fulfilled tournament anglers in brain, where all can compete and have fun regardless of their experience stages, cleverness, or senility.

The IFA Redfish Tour, an idea developed from a adoration of fishing continues to grow and provide inshore anglers an opportunity to display their knacks on the intercostal waterways. Now, in it’s second decade of adding tone tournament knowledge and having awarded several billion dollars in awards there is simply no other inshore tournament streak that can boasting or say that. So come and participate the most powerful and greater Inshore Tournament Series the IFA Redfish Tour Presented by Cabelas.

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