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North Atlantic right whales have been reclassified as critically endangered

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EAST COAST–The North Atlantic right whale species was recently re-classified from endangered to critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature( IUCN ), it was reported on July 9.

The IUCN classification augments the high-risk categories the North American right whales are already listed on: “endangered” per the Endangered Species Act and “strategic and depleted” per the Marine Mammal Protection Act.” Both classifications are the highest possible risk categories under those respective federal laws.

IUCN’s classification change- which is part of the organization’s Red List Category- does not have a direction relationship with class under the Endangered Species Act or Marine Mammal Protection Act. NOAA Fisheries, nonetheless, stated it “shares the IUCN’s concern for North Atlantic liberty whales.”

“We continue to use our authority under the MMPA and ESA to protect and recover the categories, ” NOAA Fisheries organization stated.

NOAA Fisheries staff lent there are only 400 -some remaining right whales remaining, with fewer than 100 of them as breeding females.

“Research published in 2017 made it clear that after two decades of slow recuperation, the population began decrease in 2010, ” NOAA Fisheries personnel said. “This drop-off was exacerbated by the 17 freedom whale mortalities in Canadian and U.S. sprays in 2017. This prompted NOAA Fisheries to declare an bizarre death happen for North Atlantic right whales.”

Fishing fear intrigues and jug strikes are the leading causes of death, according to NOAA Fisheries.

A North Atlantic right whale recovery plan was established in 2005; the plan aims to reduce vessel strikes and fishing gear entanglements, protect whale habitats and, according to NOAA Fisheries, “maximize efforts to free entangled right whales.”

Volunteer crews exist within the NOAA Fisheries’ system of states on the East Coast; the teams respond to right whale intrigues and attempt to free them from the paraphernalium whenever possible.

The right whale population is also monitored via aerial surveys.

Adventure is Out There! Santiago High School Students Enter… the Outdoor Classroom

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Santiago High School AP Environmental Science students started their first out of three schemed field trip under our WHALES Program at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach.

Before taking their 2.3 mile trek on the wetlands, students were able to explore the exhibits of Bolsa Chica provided by the stroke kitty and many taxidermy at research centers.

They were also intrigued by their encounter with a California Kingsnake! Although cautious at first, the students learned that the categories was non-venomous and were hungry to gently touch her.

On their passage in the different regions of the wetlands, students were able to learn the difference between high and low tide, and how endangered the ecosystem has become. Their guide stated that wetlands must be safeguarded so the swine which are dependent on the habitat can have a safe locate to live and breed. Furthermore, she added that it was important that we uphold the environmental standards and laws that are meant to protect these swine and cherished wetlands by not littering and throwing away litter responsibly.

After their hike, students made a positive impact to the wetland by removing two invasive floras: Russian thistles and Australian saltbush. All forty-three students were evoked to be proactive environmental caretakers in their natural, outdoor classroom.

Shortly after, the students were able to visit the Environmental Nature Center, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design( LEED) midst that neatly exhibits fifteen of California’s unique native plant parishes. These high school students loosed their inner child as they walked and marveled around the five-acre facility. Stationed in Newport Beach, anyone is welcome to the Environmental Nature Center, which is designed to teach people of all ages to learn and increase the natural wonders of California.

Blog and photos by Christine H. Do for Coastkeeper

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