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H-Rail Upgrade Kit for H-Track DLX – Outback 2019, part # 72020153

April 27th, 2019 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “H-Rail Upgrade Kit for H-Track DLX – Outback 2019, part # 72020153”

Howie shows you how to upgrade from bungee to an extra adjust of H-Rail with Integrated Track in the rear H-Track DLX on your 2019 Hobie Outback! This package installs in times, and furnishes two extra 17.5 ” multi-purpose mounting scaffolds for light AND heavy-duty employments. Clamp H-Rail rod owners to the rail for heavy-duty trolling, or use the road peculiarity for light-duty accessory facilities!

Kit includes:
– 2 x H-Rail fragments with integrated track for more “no-drill” attaching options.
– 4 x T-Hooks for sliding into the road and sticking undertake chests
– 4 x H-Rail prepares for a strong, clean installation
– 1 x Detailed adjust of rules

Available now through your Hobie Dealer: marketers

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Dana Point Kayak Product Alert: Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit

May 11th, 2018 Posted by Kayak Fishing 0 comments on “Dana Point Kayak Product Alert: Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit”

Dana Point Kayak Alert: Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit

Add Turbo Fins to your Kayak

One of Hobie’s most popular and loved improves is contributing Turbo fins, larger fins for your MirageDrive. We carry many of our kayaks with standard sizing fins that are great the possibilities and are the easiest to use for new users. When you’re ready to go faster, or pedal slower and with a smoother meter, the Turbo kit will likely be the best upgrade you’ll ever perform to your kayak!

Some big representations of Hobie’s Kayaks “re coming” touchstone with Turbo fins, these simulations are the Adventure Island, Tandem Island and all sizes of our Pro Anglers, we’ve also sent some special edition and camo colored Outbacks with Turbo fins as standard equipment.

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