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Hobie Mirage LYNX | H-BAR STANDING SUPPORT INSTALLATION | Standing in a Kayak Made Easy

May 26th, 2021 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Hobie Mirage LYNX | H-BAR STANDING SUPPORT INSTALLATION | Standing in a Kayak Made Easy”

Make it even easier to stand, board and deboard your Hobie Lynx with our H-Bar standing support. Hobie’s H-Bar installs in a matter of minutes using the included hardware, a manual screwdriver and a 3/8″ wrench.

Follow along with this detailed video as Howie guides you through the process of outfitting your Lynx with a Hobie H-Bar. Included are special tips and tricks for adjusting the H-Bar to fit any height user, and folding it out of the way when you don’t need it in the upright position. The H-Bar’s 12-sided aluminum construction allows you to securely mount any H-Rail accessory to it’s frame, yielding extra utility!

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84626106 H-RAIL, LYNX KIT

To purchase H-Bar standing support, contact your local Hobie dealer.

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Mirage iEclipse walkthrough. All New Stand Up PedalBoard!

March 25th, 2021 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Mirage iEclipse walkthrough. All New Stand Up PedalBoard!”

Meet the Mirage iEclipse, the first inflatable, pedal-powered stand up board. It offers remarkable rigidity and the same nimble performance as the Eclipse, but in an ultra-lightweight and portable package. Follow along with Stephanie and check out all the features of the iEclipse. Extra-wide standing platform with EVA standing pads for rock-solid stability in wind, waves, and wake. Its new and improved hull construction reduces weight while increasing durability. High-tech diagonal dropstitch construction allows the iEclipse to inflate to 10PSI, giving you the same rugged rigidity and nimble performance as the original Eclipse, but in an incredibly lightweight package you can take anywhere. Featuring MirageDrive GT pedal propulsion, every step on the iEclipse powers you forward with ease. Its intuitive, one-handed steering system attaches directly to the handlebar and board with an easy-to-use steering system that can turn on a dime with a simple push or pull of the lever. And like all Mirage inflatables, the iEclipse is easy to set up and even easier to transport. Toss it into the back of your car, load it into the RV, or check it on flight–with the iEclipse, adventure is everywhere. The two-piece removable handlebar, high-pressure hand pump, and high-volume electric pump are all included inside an easy-load rolling travel bag that’s portable, stowable, and ready for your next adventure.

2019 Mirage Outback: H-Bar Installation for your Kayak

October 17th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “2019 Mirage Outback: H-Bar Installation for your Kayak”

Standing support for your new Hobie Outback! Hobie’s H-Bar makes standing and getting up and down from a seated position much easier. This standing bar is made from strong 12-sided aluminum extrusion that you can later add other accessories to. It folds down when you want it out of your way, and can be removed quickly via the four stainless steel pins. Howie gives you all the best install tips and provides a guide for setting it up to be most comfortable. Mounting hardware included.

H-Bar, Outback 2019+ – part number, 84500120

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