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INDUSTRY NEWS: Cleaning the River Derwent , Saving the Sea…

June 27th, 2021 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “INDUSTRY NEWS: Cleaning the River Derwent , Saving the Sea…”

The Paddle Peak team were out again cleaning the River Derwent through Matlock Bath this week. The crew cleared from Artist Corner, down to Cromford and loaded their canoes, kayaks and paddle boards full of trash, comprising of agricultural waste, litter, sanitary waste and an awful lot of metal work which was revealed by the recent low water levels including a shopping trolley from Somerfields, who in fact left Matlock many years ago! Our river guardians cleaned up fly tipped furniture close to Masson Mills that had been dumped down the river bank including a bed and sofa!

The kids and staff from Matlock Bath Preschool and Playgroup also joined the clean up down along the riverside path from Jubilee Bridge to the Derwent Gardens. 

Pete Astles’s, Paddle Peak’s founder commented “ It was really great to be joined by the local kids in Matlock Bath today. It makes all our hard work worthwhile to know the local community support what we’re doing. All the waste we remove from the river protects the environment, it’s wildlife and saves it from making it’s way downstream and ultimately out to sea..“ 

Sarah Stevenson from Matlock Bath Preschool & Playgroup added “We have spent the week with the kids talking about recycling and using bins for our rubbish. The children enjoyed hunting for litter and were very excited to see what the boats and paddle boards had collected from the river and couldn’t believe that a shopping trolley was in there!! “

Many thanks to all the volunteers that came out on the water. Special thanks to Matlock Bath Pre School and Playgroup for joining us. Thanks to Matlock Bath Rowing Boats for taking care of the rubbish and the Derbyshire Dales District Council Green Team for collecting it all. Thanks to Hou Canoes for our amazing fleet of river clean canoes.

Paddle Peak is a community charity who’s goals are to improve access to local outside spaces for all to enjoy. To clean and care for our environment and protect it’s wildlife. To inspire and enable local young people to try and take up paddlesports, giving them the opportunity to experience the outdoors and ultimately care and protect it. For more information check out

Kayak Fishing Whangaparaoa – Kingfish & John Dory

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Amazing genus fished now, check out this video! << It was a calm morning out from Army Bay in the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Whangaparaoa is just North of Auckland and has stacks of fishy neighborhoods so it typically doesn’t make long to get specific actions. Light gales originated paddling very comfortable and I had plans to fish a shallow reef with strayline baits, then maybe barter to a livebait later on in the day. With the numerous kingfish all over the baitfish were elusive, though I did end up snagging a kingi on a softbait which ended with a bust off. The fishing was overall pretty slow for that place, with exclusively big fish going secured; nonetheless, on one particular descend, two life record snapper were secured, one of which intent up get swallowed by a nice john dory. This was a brand-new categories for me, so super stoked with this catch! >>

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2018 IFA Kayak Championship – Grand Isle, LA

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The IFA Redfish Tour pates to Grand Isle, Louisiana as best available kayak anglers in the commonwealth compete in the 2018 IFA Redfish Tour Kayak Championship!

The IFA is the largest grass roots inshore fishing tournament company in America. We are dedicated to conducting economical inshore catch and liberate, fishing tournaments in all regions of the country where redfish and other species are procured. Our formats are designed with the rookie, intermediate, and fulfilled tournament anglers in brain, where all can compete and have fun regardless of their experience stages, cleverness, or senility.

The IFA Redfish Tour, an idea developed from a adoration of fishing continues to grow and provide inshore anglers an opportunity to display their knacks on the intercostal waterways. Now, in it’s second decade of adding tone tournament knowledge and having awarded several billion dollars in awards there is simply no other inshore tournament streak that can boasting or say that. So come and participate the most powerful and greater Inshore Tournament Series the IFA Redfish Tour Presented by Cabelas.

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Dont let the cold stop your kayaking

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Don’t let winter stop your kayaking recreation! Fishing or time recreational paddling in the winter can offer some immense fish and dazzling views. But you want to make sure you are prepared. We render a wide range on cold weather paddling gear from footwear to gloves, Dry bibs, Dry tops and full baked clothings for those long colder eras on the sea. When their own bodies loses hot faster than it can change it the result is hypothermia. Your psyche and vital organs need to be kept at the correct temperature for proper functioning, particularly the intelligence, your most vital organ. Regular body temperature is 98.6 F; hypothermia is medically characterized when the body temp fells to below 95 F units. Severe hypothermia occurs when body temp puts below 90 F units. And always wear a PFD!

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Chasing Wild: Journey Into the Sacred Headwaters

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Three friends set off on a 400km bikepacking and packraft expedition through the heart of the sacred headwaters in northwestern British Columbia, birthplace of three critical salmon rivers, and home to the Tahltan people. In the wake of the devastating Mount Polley Mine disaster, the team’s goal is to understand what is at stake as a wave of new mines are developed across this remote corner of the province. Their journey offers an exciting and sobering window into this wild landscape as they pedal through vast boreal forest, paddle frigid whitewater, battle monster trout, outrun a grizzly, learn about the Tahltan’s fight to protect their homeland and glimpse inside a massive open pit mine.

Learn more and take action –

A Film by Tyler-Wilkinson Ray, Colin Arisman and Luke Kantola
Produced by Wild Confluence Media
In Association with Gear Junkie
Supported by Ibis Cycles, Kokopelli Packraft & Wetfly Fishing

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Sea Kayaking Baja Mexico

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« Mexico is home to 10% of the world’ss wildlife and almost 40% of the world’s species of whales and dolphins. The sea is clear and warm and you don’t need a drysuit. Discover why one woman makes her annual migration down to Baja to kayak, surf and star gaze. Join her at surf camp, in Loreto and on a remote 14 day trip around the 2nd biggest island in the Sea of Cortez. There’s a reason why Ginni Callahan says ‘It’s an addiction!’ but she doesn’t want a cure. With stunning drone footage, wildlife galore and good humor, this is the first film by Justine Curgenven in 3 years. »

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Dana Point Alert: Getting Started Kayak Fishing | Kayak Fishing Gear and Accessories

May 25th, 2018 Posted by Kayak Fishing 0 comments on “Dana Point Alert: Getting Started Kayak Fishing | Kayak Fishing Gear and Accessories”

Dana Point Kayak Fishing Basics

Chad Hoover’s gratuities for beginners!

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Dana Point kayak fishing alert: Cubera Snapper Panama Adventure

May 15th, 2018 Posted by Fishing Trips 0 comments on “Dana Point kayak fishing alert: Cubera Snapper Panama Adventure”

Robert Field on a Cubera mission! (success hooked!)

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