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USNS Mercy, a floating hospital, leaves San Diego for Los Angeles on Monday to support during coronavirus pandemic

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The Navy’s West Coast hospital ship, the USNS Mercy, left Naval Base San Diego Monday afternoon, March 23, and will wander 125 miles up the coast to the Port of Los Angeles in support of the nation’s COVID-1 9 response campaigns, the representatives from the Navy’s 3rd Fleet announced.

The 1,000 -bed ship will be staffed with 800 Navy medical personnel and more than 70 civil service sailors. Initial plans to deploy it to Washington state were altered as the need for help in the highly populated area of Los Angeles increased, Navy officials said.

” This global crisis demands the whole of government response, and we are ready to support, ” said Capt. John Rotruck, Mercy’s Military Treatment Facility commanding officer. “Mercy wreaks a squad of medical professionals, medical equipment and supplies, all of which will behave, in essence, as a’ relief valve’ for neighbourhood civilian hospices in Los Angeles so that neighbourhood health professionals can better focus on COVID-1 9 bags. We will be implemented by our agility and responsiveness as an afloat Medical Treatment Facility to do what the country asks, and provide relief where we are needed most.”

The ship will serve as a referral hospital for non-COVID-1 9 cases currently admitted to shore-based hospices and will be supported a full range of medical care including critical and urgent care for adults. This will permit neighbourhood health professionals is concentrated in plowing COVID-1 9 patients and for shore-based infirmaries to use their Intensive Care Units and ventilators for those patients.

The floating hospices are designed to specialize in trauma clients, given their mission is to treat wounded troops, and have no way of isolating infectious patients; that’s why they will deploy to support only non-COVID-1 9 cases.

” We can provide their capacity to fill in the gap ,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday, March 23, during remarks he made from the White House.

The civil service sailors are operational and navigate the ship, load and off-load cargo, is to help fixings and add essential services to keep the medical equipment running. When the ship is at port in San Diego its staff often are sent to work abroad and were called back to the Mercy for this mission.

The Navy’s response comes a epoch after President Donald Trump announced on Sunday, March 22, that the Mercy would foreman to Los Angles. It likewise follows part of its efforts by Janice Hahn, Fourth District supervisor in Los Angeles County, who transmit a letter to Trump on March 20, advising him to guide the Navy ship to Los Angeles.

On Monday, Hahn reacted to the news, tweeting:” Right now, about 90% of our ICU beds are occupied by people who do not have COVID-1 9. That entails just about 200 ICU bottoms are available. The Mercy will make the pressure off of our hospital plan so that our hospitals can actually handle the coming COVID-1 9 patients. When it docks, the Mercy will become the largest hospital in LA County.The Mercy will take the pressure off of our hospital organization so that our infirmaries can actually handle the coming COVID-1 9 cases .”

Typically, the Mercy’s primary mission is to offer a floating, portable, acute surgical medical equipment to the U.S. military that is adaptable to support expeditionary war. The ship’s secondary mission is to offer full infirmary services to support U.S. disaster relief and humanitarian operations worldwide.

The ship is the first of two Navy hospital ships worldwide. She was converted from a San Clemente-class supertanker and went into service in 1986.

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Access is being limited to Orange County beaches, Laguna Beach closes all of its sandy spots

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After seeing several coasts overrun by tourists over the weekend, Laguna Beach is closing its city beaches, while Huntington Beach shut down its pier and the state is blocking access to its parking lots in response to growing concerns not enough social distancing was coming to help slow the dissemination of the coronavirus.

The Laguna Beach City Council on Sunday, March 22, encounter during an emergency meeting and elected to close Laguna Coast Wilderness Park on Monday. It also led staff to close city coasts by Monday evening unless the County of Orange or the State of California did so first. The council too voted to ask that seas operated by the County of Orange, including Aliso and Thousand Steps Beach be closed. Laguna Beach administers beaches beyond South Laguna, including Treasure Island, Main Beach, Heisler, and smaller seas such as Shaws to the city’s north end. Laguna Beach is the firstly city in Orange County to take this action.

Signs telling pilgrims that the beach is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) environ Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Signs telling pilgrims that the beach is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) surround Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

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Signs telling pilgrims that the coast is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) smother Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Signs telling tourists that the beach is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) environ Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Signs telling visitors that the coast is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) border Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Signs telling pilgrims that the beach is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) border Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Signs telling visitors that the beach is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) environ Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Signs telling pilgrims that the beach is closed due to the coronavirus( COVID-1 9) surround Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, on Monday, March 23, 2020.( Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

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” We have groups of beings that won’t comply under any circumstances ,” Councilman Peter Blake said.” This weekend was all we needed. How do you get that through someone’s thoughts, you can’t. We have a constitutional privilege to stay healthful. It’s not going away, it will simply get worse .”

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order licenses outdoor pleasure as long as a safe social interval of six-feet is maintained from people who are not part of the same household.

In Newport Beach, metropolitan officials will continue to monitor the situation on an hourly basis, said Newport Beach Fire Chief Jeff Boyles, who oversees the city’s Marine Safety Department and seven miles of coasts. Same with San Clemente, where Mayor Dan Bane said the city is monitoring its beaches.

In Dana Point, some lines have been closed down. These include Harbor Point Trail, Switchback Trail, Hilltop Trail and Bluff Top trail. Open courses are the Strand Beach Access Way- between Selva and Pacific Coast Highway- and Sycamore Creek Trail. Coastal access is restricted to the Dana Cove area and tide reserves unearthed behind the Ocean Institute, the city’s only beach.

Huntington Beach also closed playground equipment and picnic areas.

” We will monitor with country coasts and with Huntington Beach ,” Boyles said Monday, following a city meeting.” We have increased our presence on the coasts with police and lifeguards to remind people congregating to increase social distancing. We are advising beachgoers not to conduct activities in groups such as bonfires or volleyball games .”

Laguna Beach commanders said a rise in the number of parties collecting on paths, beaches and in adjacent commons initiated more opportunities for community spread of the virus and decided it was prudent to close off access to reduce the potential spread of the virus and protect the public.

On Sunday, Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen also moved a letter to Sacramento asking the head for a revision to his directive to the state’s residents.

” I am recommending you to modify your stay-at-home order to expressly require people to remain in their own communities unless out on indispensable business ,” Whalen wrote.” As a small coastal city in a heavily populated county, we are finding that many people from inland municipalities are coming to our coasts and ballparks when the forecast is good. We absence natural resources among our first responders to enforce social distancing with these multitudes .”

On Monday, Whalen said the governor has sent his request to the Office of Emergency Assistance for review.

In Laguna Beach over the weekend sea guests predominantly prevented six-foot intervals from one another but popular spots such as Thousand Steps in South Laguna had beachgoers much closer than six-feet as they went down and up hundreds of steps to get to the beach. In the city’s downtown, it seemed business as usual with numerous out experiencing the good weather. At Main Beach, parties enjoyed take-out from regional eateries and sat, predominantly spaced apart, on the grass, benches and under umbrellas on the beach.

The city exploited its outdoor loudspeaker, a system that went online in March 2019, to remind people of the six-foot distance requirement. The speaker in the downtown is prepared on the roof of City Hall and can broadcast up to 3,000 feet. Another talker is stationed at Heisler Park.

The city also applied its wireless notification plan to send out alerts and texts remembrances to anyone who had a cellphone within the city restraints. In 2018, Laguna Beach was the first municipal in OC to get the authority to send out its own wireless alerts.

But alarms and loudspeakers weren’t the only things in use. The Laguna Beach Police Department employed monotones to keep tabs on beings from the sky.

” The authorities have people on the beach, however in general, the public is complying with the social distancing recommendations ,” Laguna Beach Lifeguard Capt. Kai Bond said Sunday.” Signage has been affixed and the long-range acoustic machine is being used to remind people .”

On Sunday, there was a larger-than-normal number of people in Newport Beach utilize hiking lines at Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Back Bay and beach boardwalks. In some occasions, beings did not heed the six-foot distancing requirements and clearly rubbed others who were trying to practice the social distancing.

On Monday, Newport closed down access to public playgrounds, fitness equipment, the dog park and athletics courts and arenas. Vehicle traffic has been closed on Back Bay Drive, but other users can use the multipurpose scenic road.

” The delicate balance we face as a society is protecting each other from the spread of the virus by maintaining suitable cleanlines techniques and social distancing together with throwing people an store to rehearsal ,” Boyles said.” Exercise is also a health mechanism for boosting immune systems and promoting cardiac and lung offices .”

Staff Writer Laylan Connelly contributed to this report.

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Dana Point closes trails, coves due to coronavirus concerns

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The city of Dana Point has closed access to Dana Cove and the tidepool domain behind the Ocean Institute, as well as various roads in the town, until further notice due to coronavirus concerns.

Coastal municipalities this week across Southern California responded to crowds and reports from last weekend of parties neglecting coronavirus social-distancing regulations, as the state tries to curb the number of people infected.

Some coastal towns enforced full closures of their coasts and some hiking roads or ballparks , while others played soft closes of areas such as piers and parking lots to ease crowds.

The city’s shutdowns are in accordance with others like the county’s announcement on Tuesday to close parking lots to popular localities like Salt Creek, Strands and Capo Beach within Dana Point’s city limits, as well as the parcel at Baby Beach in the Dana Point harbor.

Some city trails are closed to the public. This includes: Harbor Point Trail, Switchback Trail, Hilltop Trail and Bluff Top trail.

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Trails that will remain open for the time being are Coast Hwy protective line, Strand Beach Access Way( between Selva and PCH) and Sycamore Creek Trail.

” The County is likely to be coordinating with Dana Point Harbor Spouse on the closures of the slews in the refuge region and the spates located along Puerto Place ,” speaks a city announcement.” Maintaining access for grab-n-go operations for the restaurants sector is being considered. Pedestrian access is available .” Related Articles

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Park Life: Universal, Knott’s extend closes and Disneyland haltings creation amid coronavirus eruption

City Parks will remain accessible to the public. Playground equipment and showers are closed. The City has installed signage to remind everyone to practice social distancing and good cleanlines. However, if these guidelines are not being followed by the public, we will consider closing parks.

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Parents overwhelm Capistrano Unified locations for handing out Chromebooks for virtual learning

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A plan to distribute laptops to parents of Capistrano Unified School District students to support the activities related to virtual ascertain turned chaotic Tuesday, March 24, as people and their vehicles worded block-long cables at seven academies in the district’s south Orange County cities.

Parents wait in line for computers to be distributed at San Juan Elementary School on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Parents wait in line for computers to be distributed at San Juan Elementary School on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

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Parents wait in line for computers to be distributed at San Juan Elementary School on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

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Notices that deliveries were planned at elementary and middle schools in Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel and Dana Point were sent to parents on Monday evening. The computers exists within students with no designs to access the internet.

District officials communicated questionnaires to mothers to determine who needed a invention. Of the district’s 47,000 students, CUSD officials said about 2% reported needing help. Distance learning is a way for schoolteachers to interact with students on assignments virtually and furnish real-time feedback.

” More beings depicted up who are not able have filled out the survey results ,” said Ryan Burris, spokesman for the district.” There may have been confusion that parents thought they need the Chromebooks to access distance learning .”

Burris explained the school’s distance learning programs are accessible through any design that connects to the Internet.

” We’re trying to figure out the best acces to communicate about who are required to devices ,” he said.” We’ll set that out in a new send, which will include a survey to figure out who needs what. Then we’ll put together appointments at each of the schools for families .”

Kaylee Goodwin, a mother at Hidden Hills Elementary School in Laguna Niguel, was among those who left disheartened with no manoeuvre after waiting in line for more than two hours.

” It looked like it was a carnival , nothing was organized ,” said Goodwin, whose lad is in fourth grade.

Goodwin said she headed to the school in her gondola, but after sitting in it for an hour, she got out and accompanied a block to the school because the roads- along Hidden Hills Road and Marina Hills Drive- were jammed with vehicles and people.

She said,” 150 people were in line, foot-to-foot and wrap around the sidewalk to the parking lot ,” adding that she had filled out a investigation and her coach had assured her she would get a device.” But, when I got there, I was told it was’ first-come, first-served .'”

What riled Goodwin even more than being inched out of a manoeuvre was a lack of social distancing.

” None of the administrators had on gauntlets or cover-ups ,” she said.” You wouldn’t have speculated anyone had heard about coronavirus. It was obviously a safety hazard, they should have immediately shut everything down. I had to constantly step back with my kids. No one paid attention .”

The district’s plan had been to have parents stay in their automobile as they picked up the maneuvers. But, as the crowds stretched, parties got out of their cars to line up. The daily free lunch were also being given out at the same time.

” We didn’t expect that mothers would get out of their gondolas and stand in line ,” Burris said.” We tried to determine if we slammed it down, what would be the plan forward? Mothers were standing in line for an hour, we didn’t want to send them away empty-handed .”

At the end of the two-hour happenings, about 5,000 manoeuvres had been handed out.

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This video of a driveway piano concert for neighbors during coronavirus restrictions will cheer you up

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Lark Knowles must be given to do everything she could to keep it together.

The San Clemente musician is a qualified dueling pianist, an master who knows how to keep the crowd hired and entertained- but this moment was unlike any she had experienced.

Neighbors gradually percolated from their houses to watch and listen as her expres region down the quaint street, her carry-on done from her driveway.

Some brought out chairs and rugs and glass of wine-coloured. Other watched from their balconies or the tailgate of their truck.

Kids, who had been cooped up in their homes, came out of their confinement to watch the live show.

Friends and neighbors made video of the impromptu act, which is now giving joy to others meeting themselves stressed out and incite crazy with coronavirus controls and government seeks to stay home and keep distance from one another.

“The response to it has been devastating. It’s blown me away, ” she said. “It’s uplifted me, even … the response to this has really helped to keep my head up.”

Knowles, who used to perform at Harrah’s Las Vegas and now does freelance gigs for the companies and episodes through AZ Dueling Pianos, told me that she started losing purchaser after patient once the tells came for affairs to be canceled.

So, like others, she found herself without task, bored at home. She came up with the idea of doing a driveway recital on St. Patrick’s Day, a special treat for her close-knit neighbors. Her portable forte-piano, which is custom-made with motors for ferry, was easy to roll out to her driveway.

Lark Knowles, of San Clemente, stepped outside to her driveway to do an impromptu achievement for neighbors this week, creating a little joy to her seaside community.( Photo courtesy of Knowles)

As she started to sing, the sentiments were overtaking, she said. A near separating minute was as she noticed a man’s girlfriend translate songs in sign language so the hearing- impaired neighbor could enjoy the set.

The video, shot by neighbor Karen Joyce with Knowles’ roommate Justin Romano filming from a droning, captures the moment she sang the words to “Don’t Stop Believin ‘, ” by Journey, promoting her scattered public to join in on the singing.

“I was on the edge, I barely retained it together, ” she said. “When it got too much, I went to recreation songs to get everyone’s mind off of it. The whole show is improv, I’m trained to live in the moment. I just wanted to let everyone feel it, but likewise have a little fun and forget about it, too.”

One neighbour, Sarah Wilson, facilitated rope off the driveway and announced a ratify prompting beings to keep their distance. As beings would stop to watch, Knowles would encourage them to keep 6-feet from others.

“It was just very positive, uplifting, ” Wilson said. “There were people with sobbings in their eyes. It was a very unique moment.”

With a toddler at home and 7-months pregnant, “its just” the elevator Wilson needed during this hard time.

“To have something like entertainment and community right outside our breast entrance is amazing, ” Wilson said. “It’s so freshening to finally picture some positivity, I think.”

One neighbour filmed her concert on Facebook Live, announcing on a neighborhood radical San Clemente Life , now shared more than 8,000 times.

Knowles said she had no idea the response she’d get from video made during the two-hour set, and since has been able to book a few patrons for virtual vocal coaching, her other side gig.

“That will be such a game-changer for me, ” she said. “I’m really lucky, I know a lot of beings are lonely and scared and I’m not is of the view that space because of this happening .”

Lark Knowles, a studied dueling pianist, entertained her neighbours this week from the security concerns of her driveway, while drill social distancing. She wanted to give her neighbors some exhilaration during the coronavirus concerns.( Photo screengrab from video by Karen Joyce)

She said she’d encourage others who have a musical geniu to step outside of their opening and use it to help lift up others, so long as they can do it safely. She contrives on doing it again, but won’t announce ahead for nervousnes of a populace showing up.

“If everyone did it just for those in their closenes, we are unable to have little pockets of euphorium, ” she said. “It just came together so organically.”

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Shuttered San Clemente hospital, Fairview Developmental Center among vacant spaces looked at to house coronavirus overflow

March 23rd, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Shuttered San Clemente hospital, Fairview Developmental Center among vacant spaces looked at to house coronavirus overflow”

The shuttered 73 -bed San Clemente hospital and the Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, along with empty hotels and motels, are all among points that could be looked at if the district needs to find housing for an overflow of coronavirus patients.

” I’ve been on frequent announces with Gov.Gavin Newsom and he is looking into every available alternative, in the event that they need to shore up isolation plots ,” Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, which supervise the county’s Fifth District, said.” He’s going province to county and looking at underutilized regional resources .”

None locally have been confirmed as definite locales, she said.” They know what’s available and we review everything can come into play .”

” Additionally, the county is also working with every hospital to see what added capacities they could have ,” she said.

Supervisor Don Wagner said the state is also asking local officials to make-up plans for places where homeless people who may have the coronavirus can be isolated until they recover.

” There is some talk of using trailers presented by the state, perhaps tents, hotel rooms, to provide distancing, for people who are symptomatic ,” he said. Nothing has been decided.

The state’s direction on that issue has been somewhat ambiguous, Wagner said, so Orange County captains are doing the best they can in a rapidly changing situation.

” They’re leaving a lot of it up to the locals, so we’re all kind of figuring this out as we go along .”

The San Clemente hospital has been closed since 2016. In June, the city of San Clemente and MemorialCare Health System reached a settlement that leaved MemorialCare up to a year to find ways to re-open or sell the facility, or the city will be able to use eminent domain purchase the property for fair market value. The society has propagandized to keep emergency services available in town.

The 114 -acre Fairview Developmental Center was considered previously as a arrival recognise for beings returning from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in February who is positive for coronavirus but did not need to be hospitalized. Federal officials ultimately slipped that project, which had gotten a lot of local push back.

Reporter Alicia Robinson contributed to this story.

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Is surfing OK during coronavirus order to keep your distance from others? How surfers are adapting

March 21st, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Is surfing OK during coronavirus order to keep your distance from others? How surfers are adapting”

Keep your social length, bro! Tom Cozad, of Newport Beach, tries to keep a surfer from stopping in.( Photo by Laylan Connelly/ SCNG)

It’s an aquatic effort be done in order to the enormous ocean, where you can find solitude in the sea.

But when a increase hits, dueling surfers paddle close to one another to duel for tops and often crowd together on their boards waiting for the next billow to roll in.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order Thursday, March 19, for parties to stay at home unless it is essential they go out has countless Southern California surfers wondering where that buds them in the line up.

Outdoor recreation such as running and hiking that can be done with safe distancing constitutes an exception under the order, and some surfers say they can continue to catch wavings safely by opting for most remote heydays far away from bunches. Others say they will be keeping out of the spray all together.

In Spain, Italy and Portugal, where the coronavirus has hit hard, channel-surf and going to the beach has been banned.

Surfrider Foundation staff scientist Katie Day, who recently attended a Coronavirus Research Update webinar hosted by the Water Research Foundation, tried to answer questions for surfers in a written interview posted on the San Clemente-based group’s website, includingdoes spend time in coastal waterways growth the risk of coming sick.

” The virus has been shown to remain viable and infectious, at least temporarily, in natural freshwater homes including lakes and torrents ,” she wrote , memo the dilution is suspected to keep the risk low-toned.” There was no information shared on the ability of the COVID-1 9 virus to remain workable in saltwater, so it’s unclear if swimming at saltwater beaches promotes health risks of contracting COVID-1 9. However, communal spread is a serious issue so expending period at favourite beaches, if in close contact to other beachgoers, will increase your risk .”

Some risk may come from exposure to sewage pollution that could happen with sewage pours- which could also expose surfers to fecal-borne pathogens that can cause indications such as stomach upset; ear, attentions , nose and throat infections; as well as most severe infections, she noted.

” Even if recreating in sewage-polluted waterways is determined not to be a transmission route for COVID-1 9, it could still expose you to other pathogens which could reduce your overall immune organisation ,” she wrote.

Dr. Matthew Waxman, affiliate clinical professor of emergency medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA who also works with Los Angeles County officials, “says hes” reputes surfing falls into the recreational activities admitted- so long as surfers can successfully distance themselves in the water.

” I’d pick a less multitude smudge, trip alone in the car and make it a small family or solo trip ,” he said.” Big key would be to keep the distance in the sea and not being allured to chit-chat in the line up .”

Basically, keep in line with the key recommendation for safe recreating: Maintain social distancing.

As the morning sunshine rises over Doheny State Beach in Dana Point surfers are out travelling the tides on Friday, September 13, 2019. Maintain distance with coronavirus concerns.( Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Waxman indicated he would be concerned, nonetheless, about channel-surf after the rainwater in general because of known coliforms such as fecal matter and other virus that come soaked in the ocean. It’s unknown if fecal matter would transmit the virus in salt water.

Many surfers cross-examine on social media were torn on the question of whether to surf or not to surf.

” We are all being called to make some sacrifices for the good of countless ,” said Steven Barnes.” Yes surfing is an outdoor activity, but at times it can be uncontrolled by its very nature, walking on the other hand or taking a jog is far less so. If you are walking or jogging, don’t spew on the ground for someone else to walk in. Everyone exactly use some common sense and we’ll been through this.

” The ocean will be there in a few weeks ,” he said.” The faster we tamp this thing down the quicker we can get back to our normal lives .”

Don Ramsey said he’s” stayin’ out of the sea ,” figuring there is already a lot of bacteria increasing the chance of getting sick,” and then you get the coronavirus, and you’re older like me, my chances of survival decrease .”

Avoid areas that are packed with surfers and move where you can practice” social distancing .” This favourite recognize in Newport Beach, read on a hectic summertime day, would not be a good option.( Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/ SCNG)

Surfing is practise for David Olive, who likewise ascertains saltwater to be beneficial for his health.” We’ve all got to breathe fresh air !”

So far, Stephanie Aguilar said she has found that people seem to be” rendering each other space in the liquid and on the sea .”

” It’s outdoors with slew of air spurting around everyone, and with all of the stress of this situation surfing is probably a very healthy outlet for people, as long as they are giving each other space ,” she said.” It’s not the same as playground rig where you touch polluted faces or being indoors with beings where you could be walking through people’s coughings and sneezes .”

Emmy Moreau said she envisions even surfers it is necessary heed the stay at home order.

” I interpreted the whole exercise thing as walking around your own neighborhood alone ,” she said.” Surfing is also a higher risk activity and routes some to the hospital or urgent care and we don’t need that right now .”

But she also lent a positive message for her fellow movement equestrians:” We’ll been through this !”

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San Clemente man sent to prison for hacking and extortion scheme

March 19th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “San Clemente man sent to prison for hacking and extortion scheme”

A California man has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for hacking an Atlanta-based company and trying to extort money in exchange for the return of the company’s intellectual property.

A federal referee told Christian William Kight, 29, of San Clemente, to serve seven years and eight months in prison, followed by three years of supervised liberate, federal prosecutors said in a news release Wednesday. Kight was also ordered to pay a $900 fine and $42,000 in restitution.

Kight, also known as Drillo, was sentenced last week after pleading guilty in December to commissions of coercion, computer fraud and cable fraud.

“This defendant obstructed behind his computer to extort companies in this district and elsewhere, ” U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak said. “This case highlights the positive outcomes that are possible for businesses and the community when the private sector works with law enforcement to produce cyber criminals to justice.”

Kight accessed computer networks and servers of variou companies and organizations in Georgia without permission, lawyers said. He camouflaged his identity and took data file and removed data and log files. He then referred emails necessitating money to release the company’s data, prosecutors said.

When the company said it planned to contact law enforcement, Kight threatened to send letters that could harm its reputation to its clients and to propagate the theft data, counsels said. But the company contacted the FBI anyway, and reviewers distinguished Kight. A examination of his computer material and email report turned up evidence for this crime and a scheme to extort other victims.

“Kight’s scheme against this firm is unfortunately all too common and spotlights the ever-growing need to remain vigilant in cybersecurity efforts”, said Chris Hacker, who heads the FBI’s Atlanta office.

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Art of south county pioneer Nellie Gail Moulton is on display in San Clemente

March 16th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Art of south county pioneer Nellie Gail Moulton is on display in San Clemente”

Nellie Gail Moulton was an artist, donor and the matriarch of the Moulton family, whose 22,000 -acre ranch extended what today includes Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel and Laguna Woods. The first comprehensive show of her artwork in over 50 years will be on display at Casa Romantica through May 31.

A free, public festivity of her duties, curated by Maurine St. Gaudens Studios, is set for Friday, March 13, from 6-8 p. m.


When: daily March 13- May 31

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Long debate over extending the 241 toll road could end this week

March 12th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Long debate over extending the 241 toll road could end this week”

A decades-long fight in south Orange County over expanding the 241 toll road through states in the region likely comes to an end Thursday, March 12.

Board members of the Transportation Corridor Agencies- which oversees the county’s toll roads- are expected to vote on an option to extend Los Patrones Parkway from the 241 to Avenida La Pata south of the Prima Deshecha Landfill as an un-tolled roadway.

The extension of Los Patrones Parkway instead of the 241 fee thoroughfares, along with widening Ortega Highway in San Juan Capistrano and spreading carpool thoroughfares on the 5 Freeway to the San Diego County line, should be enough to handle the area’s traffic needs through 2030, the region’s transportation officials say. The pending decision to abandon extending the 241 and instead follow those three jobs was announced last week.

Officials said their study of traffic demonstrated increasing Los Patrones Parkway would specify practically double the succor on south province arteries as would connecting the 241 to the 5 in San Clemente- at a fraction of the cost. More parties would use it because they wouldn’t be avoiding tolls.

Meanwhile, TCA leaders said they heard loud and clear from south county inhabitants that new roadways shouldn’t be tolled , nor slice through existing communities.

” Both things were ordering up ,” TCA CEO Mike Kramen said.

Under the plan supported by staffers at TCA, the Orange County Transportation Authority and Caltrans, Los Patrones Parkway would be extended about four miles south from Cow Camp Road, connecting to Avenida La Pata about a mile north of Camino del Rio.

The TCA would work with the county, which would produce development projects, on a detailed plan by the end of its first year, Kramen said. In an “aggressive” timeline, interpretation could start in 2025 and finish by 2027, he said.

The project is estimated to cost $ 330 million; paid under it would likely tap into a range of beginnings- including the financing from OCTA, TCA and developers, Kramen said.

Caltrans District 12 Director Ryan Chamberlain said the agency, which would be the single factor, has no interest in having an extended Los Patrones Parkway as a highway or toll road in the future. And even starting that gossip wouldn’t district with the TCA, but with county officials.

The TCA board will hamper its meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 12, at the agency’s headquarters, 125 Pacifica, Irvine.

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