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Tuna fishing is up and down with yellowtail, Dorado, marlin, barracuda and bass bites improving

August 24th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Tuna fishing is up and down with yellowtail, Dorado, marlin, barracuda and bass bites improving”

SAN DIEGO–The fishing for bluefin and yellowfin has been stealing the spotlight for much of the 2020 summer fishing season. The midriff of August, however, has ensure the fishing for both categories taper off a bit and become simply fair. There are still bluefin and yellowfin getting caught but at the time of this writing, the fisheries industry for both categories is down when compared to the levels of what has been biting in recent weeks. Every fishing season has ups and downs and we are living through somewhat of a down age for the bluefin and yellowfin at the moment. That said, the style things can change from day to day, the tuna bites could easily bounce liberty back and become very good again before this report gets to the bulletin stands.

At the moment, the places that are raise some bluefin action in offshore waters are the area outside of the western part of the back side of Catalina and along the bank areas to the northwest of the West End of San Clemente Island. To show how things are always changing, in a new development, the past few epoches have been previously seen some bluefin burning at the South Kelp Ridge and the Rockpile areas of Los Coronado Islands. The bluefin biting in recent dates have been the 15 – to 40 -pound fish and sardines have been working well for bait when fishing rhythm brands, sonar tags or spots of undermining fish. Colt Sniper jigs have also been effective when cast while first approaching a recognize of divulging fish.

There has been some hit or miss and principally scratchy fish for yellowfin tuna for ships fishing offshore banks outside of Los Coronado Islands. The best domain has been to the west of the 230 Spot and to the northwest of the San Salvador Knoll for boats fishing from 32 to 40 miles 230 to 236 grades from Point Loma. Every once in a while someone gets a long plunker type of stop where they drift and pick apart at the yellowfin but there have also been ships that do not fare as well. There are yellowfin around, hopefully they will change their attires and start burning better.

Some of the boats that might otherwise be tuna fishing in offshore seas have been fishing at San Clemente Island where there has been very successful war for yellowtail, calico bass, bonito and rockfish. The yellowtail have been in the 15 – to 20 -pound range and beneficial yellowtail domains have been the West End, Pyramid Head and Purse Seine Rock with the West End being the best.

There is good news reporting under the offshore kelp paddie dorado and yellowtail fishing breast as boats fishing multi-day trips to the offshore seas outside of Punta Colnett are finding very good dorado and yellowtail activity. Most of the sportboats that ought to have fishing down this path have been returning with limits of dorado and near restraint to restraint catches of yellowtail. This area of good biting fish has been down between 105 and 120 miles 168 grades from Point Loma.

Dorado are also moving into more regional offshore waters in the field below and outside of Los Coronado Islands but the dorado and yellowtail being found in this sector have not been burning are you all right. Skippers report visualize dorado and yellowtail under kelp paddies in different areas of the 224 Spot, the 302 Spot, the 425 Bank, the 371 Bank and the Upper Hidden Bank but for the most part they have not been biting and most of what has been caught has get caught by divers working their impale guns.

Capt. Todd Shifflett of the six-pack charter yacht Predator reported about fishing a recent trip-up to the area between the 425 Bank and the Upper Hidden Bank. Shifflett said kelp paddies in such areas were containing quite a few dorado that would not bite. They moved diving in different areas of the paddies and were successful in spearing a good number of dorado that included a large bull Dorado weighing in at 40 pounds.

Shifflett reported there was 72 – to 75 -degree irrigate in this sector and said while diving at a kelp paddie inside of the 425 Bank, he personally realized a wahoo deterring its interval as it cruised around the kelp paddie. The kelp paddie with the wahoo was also comprising Dorado and was found at 24 miles 177 magnitudes from Point Loma.

The fishing at Los Coronado Islands has improved and for the moment, Los Coronado Islands might well be the best place to try and catch a bluefin tuna. San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing fished a couple of recent full day trips to Los Coronado Islands. On the first trip-up the government has 23 anglers catch 13 bluefin tuna and 26 yellowtail and on the next jaunt the government has 19 anglers catch 6 bluefin tuna and 30 yellowtail.

The South Kelp Ridge and Rockpile are areas that have created bluefin tuna and yellowtail action around Los Coronado Islands and much of the action has been coming while sitting on the linchpin. Sardines have been working well for bluefin and yellowtail and some yellowtail have also been biting on surface cast-iron. The trawl at Los Coronado Islands has also been good for barracuda and calico bass. Barracuda have been biting well at the Middle Grounds and calico bass have been biting well at kelp bed countries around South Island. A report simply received from today’s fishing is that a private boater capture several yellowtail while sluggish trolling with sardines at the Pukey Point area of North Island.

Private boater Ken Hood reported about fishing a recent tour to Los Coronado Islands. Hood reported good calico bass fishing but said the spotlit fishing of the working day was witnessing a wide-open barracuda bite at the Middle Grounds. Hood’s report was the barracuda bite went on all day and that the barracuda were piercing all the baits and jigs they were tossing at them. The water temperature at Los Coronado Islands has warmed considerably during the past week and Hood said that the liquid was extending 71 degrees.

Striped marlin angling has improved at arenas around the eastern part of Catalina Island and I would estimate that 10 or 12 marlins were caught and released from the fisheries sector in mid-August. Action was had from blind trolling strikes, drop back mackerel baits and from presenting mackerel to tailers. Beneficial expanses were the 125 Spot, the 152 Spot, the Avalon Bank, the 14 Mile Bank and the expanse 1 to 4 miles off the Slide, the Can Dump, Avalon and White’s Landing. Among all those locales the area 1 to four miles off the Island between the Slide and White’s Landing was the best. The morning hours tend to be the best time of day for the marlin and pink and grey emblazon jigs have been reported to be working well on the troll.

The fishing along the San Diego County coast improved in mid-August, with a warming of the water. Arranges where the water temperature had abruptly dropped into the low-grade 60 s warmed back up to where there are now kelp berthed areas where there is water as warm as 74 severities. Calico bass fishing has moved forward at kelp berthed areas at Point Loma, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Leucadia, Carlsbad and The Barn. “Theres” some academies of big bonito and a few barracuda that have been biting off Imperial Beach, Point Loma and La Jolla.

Capt. Joe Cacciola of Sea Star with Sea Star Sportfishing and the Oceanside Sea Center reported the sea has warmed to as high-pitched as 71 magnitudes at kelp bunked domains between Carlsbad and Solana Beach and reports that the calico bass burn has are caught up with the warming of the spray. Cacciola said they have to go into 45 hoofs of spray or less to find kelp couches to fish. He reported they have been having success with the calicos while employing sardine chunks, dark-green Wham plastics, anchovy coloring Hookup Bait plastics and the 5- to 5.5 -inch sardines that are currently in their recent live enticement supply.

The summer fish season has been a good one and it continues to provide a lot of options for anglers wishing to target some of the exciting genus that trip our coast during this time of year. The summertime season also admits anglers to target some of the resident genus that be more active when the irrigate heateds up. Keep on fishing and I hope to see you out on the irrigate sometime soon!

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