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Product Spotlight: P&H Volan

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The developmental artery of the Volan has been a long one, and we thank the members of our global system of expert marketers and P& H Pro Paddlers who bundled magnanimous amounts of energy and warmth, and participated us for the journey…

We initially announced the notions, a complementary pairing of polyethylene and composite, lightweight ocean kayaks focused on day and weekend junkets, at PADDLEexpo in 2018. Whilst many have found their perfect, two-boat fleet in a combination of an Aries or Delphin, and a Cetus or Scorpio, we likewise was recognized that not all had the necessary funds or storage gap for two crafts and that this new range too had the potential to fulfil the needs of those paddlers.

We soon reached a fork in the developmental road, though; one itinerary led to a shorter design with a relatively straight keel, whilst the other’s destination was a 16 ’ sea kayak with pronounced rocker. We decided to explore both, with the onetime become the polyethylene Virgo , and the latter becoming the composite Volan.

Product Spotlight: P&H Volan

The Volan is 16 ’ in period with a pronounced rocker profile and slight chines, which in combination, accept the boat to swing around nimbly in the surf, and keep the weight low-toned, reducing the effort required to move the craft around both on and off the water.

Our 50+ years of cross-discipline design experience shine through once again, including the incorporation of the innovative billow deflectors seen in recent Pyranha models, avoiding scatter outwards, away from the paddler when powering through chopper, and the establishment of dynamic prow lift without unwarranted loudnes or rocker.

The Volan’s compounding of a planing, mid-section hull and finely accommodated chines is reinforced by decades of experience with the performance characteristics of this type of hull in the Pyranha range of whitewater kayaks, ensuring the edges are adjusted to engage when desired without hinder the paddler otherwise. The hull influence and aspects promote planing conduct and manoeuvrability at high speed on a motion hitherto retain tracking and effectiveness at the lower rapidities associated with regular paddling.

In that vein, the Volan forgoes the school of thought which says a sea kayak is necessary to unstable when motionless to perform in motion, and is exceptionally stable when flat, yet comes alive at the influence of your paddle strokes or the participation of an edge.

The assets of the Volan’s hull are amplified by our advanced construction offerings; Lightweight Kevlar/ Carbon Infusion offers incredible, industry-leading weight saving, hull stiffness, and stability, for higher achievement, lower struggle, and increased longevity.

Product Spotlight: P&H Volan

In summary, the Volan’s features include 😛 TAGEND

The renowned ease of our Connect outfitting All the predictably smooth the special features of the Cetus in a lighter, more compact format for shorter journeyings and easier portaging, ferry, and storage. Force from the Aries, such as a wave-piercing bow, to enhance the play potential of the accept, pact designing at relatively low shaking value. A planing, mid-section hull with insidious chines, which can carve on a beckon face and manoeuvred expending traditional procedures during normal toddle. A rocker chart tailored to partner with the intent of the hull motif, whilst working with the submit tide deflectors to produce a baked ride in a wide variety of water necessities. Remarkable stability, making a great platform for all abilities to take in the spates, whether that’s with your eyes or a camera. Balanced sheerline and deck chart, permitting simple shaving with the skeg to neutralise the effect of wind and waves. Low-profile back floor and cockpit boundary for easier going and re-entry. Bow, Stern, and Day Hatches as standard, with optional Pod Hatch, giving paddlers to choose between the heavines saving or additional storage. The most comprehensive range of creation and custom-built options available. Create your own, bespoke P& H Sea Kayak on our customiser.

We’re proud to offer a accomplishment, composite sea kayak which integrates the essence of both the Aries and Cetus in a single, compact, lightweight design, forming it equally skillful from simple tours over a long-weekend to a few cases hours of merriment in the surf, and all the ran excursions in between; the Volan.

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Greenland paddle vs Regular paddle

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What makes an airplane so agile in the air. Obviously it’s the shape of the wings, and the mode they make hoist as they are going through the air. Imagine if you could have that same agility in your kayak. Because of the path your paddle moves through the liquid. And gives you support without needing to push it down. And spurs your forward smoothly and humbly without shall be required to throb it back like a spade. The Greenland paddle does precisely that. Check out this instructional video by Paulo from Comfort Paddling explaining the distinctions between a regular paddle and a Greenland paddle.

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Swonder Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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Swonder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are constructed with military-grade PVC with a drop-stitch system, ensuing in a very sturdy make. When amply overstated to the recommended 12 -1 5 PSI, the unique drop-stitch technology allows the air pressure to distribute evenly in the different regions of the top and bottom faces, constituting a stable deck. Swonder iSUP is firmer than most of the others in the market, so you can use it for a longer time without ousting a new one. Overall, this is a fun and inexpensive inflatable paddle board that is lightweight, rigid, and compress a ton of value. If you’re looking for a SUP Board in world markets, this is a solid choice.

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Dana Point Alert: Getting Started Kayak Fishing | Kayak Fishing Gear and Accessories

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Dana Point Kayak Fishing Basics

Chad Hoover’s gratuities for beginners!