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Crowds flock to Orange County beaches for packed, but uneventful holiday

July 4th, 2019 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Crowds flock to Orange County beaches for packed, but uneventful holiday”

People celebrating Independence Day crowded Orange County’s seas to enjoy sunny weather in the mid-7 0s, and by late afternoon no major problems had been reported, according to several lifeguard agencies.

” We were really busy, but all run-of-the-mill stuff ,” said Ethan Balter, a lifeguard at San Onofre State Beach.” Really a good, hectic Fourth of July .”

A strong south increase brought perilous conditions including rip currents, particularly on south-facing beaches, and lifeguards reported wave launches as high-pitched as 3 paws to 5 feet in Newport Beach and overhead in San Onofre.

Those predicaments plus 70 -degree water temperatures in San Clemente lent up to” a great deal of saves ,” metropolitan lifeguard Lt. Rod Mellott said.

As of 3 p. m ., Newport Beach lifeguards had acted 55 rescues and 2,247 preventive activities( such as moving swimmers away from rip currents ), but no major incidents, Newport Beach Fire Department Lifeguard Chief Mike Halphide said.

Out of 34 medical calls to Newport city beaches, about a third were for people who encountered stingrays, Halphide said.

The water temperature simply reached the upper 60 s there, he said,” but it doesn’t seem to be inhibiting people from to move in .”

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