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Hobie Mirage Outback Walkthrough | Worlds Best Selling Fishing Kayak

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Our best of all worlds kayak hull that is designed and and proven in all conditions all around the world! The Outback has a long and proud history but has been reimagined and redesigned many times to keep it’s edge as the leader.
Follow along as Morgan Promnitz covers all the amazing features, explains some of the history and compares the outback to some of its competition.
Each year Hobie has always looked to pack the Outback with all the best features while keeping the hull weight and size manageable. Powered by the award winning MirageDrive 180 with Kick-up Turbo length fins. Equally as powerful forward and in reverse! The Kick-Up fins work just like before while under power but in the event you hit an obstacle underwater the fins fold back and out of the way, once you pedal they drive back forward and into position again. The Turbo length fins are our longest and largest fins and power the Outback along with incredible efficiency. While you pedal you’re supported by the Vantage CTW seatback, this is an amazing seat loaded with adjustments and features but the “W” stands for the extra width that is unique to the Outback and offers a bit wider seat bottom for maximizing comfort and fitting all users. The entire height of the seatback is adjustable on both the front edge and back edge with a number of variation so anyone can find the best angle and posture while enjoying the water. We included a lumbar adjustment the utilizes a BOA ratchet. The seating surfaces are built using a 3D mesh that is very supportive but also breathable to keep you cool and dry. Gear storage is maximized in the Outback with large hatches, gear cutouts on the sides of the cockpit and also the sides of the cargo area. Complete with H-Rail mounting surfaces, Gear tracks, Gear pockets, cutout of tools, numerous attachment points and bungees galore to handle all sorts of rigging configurations. The rudder that steers the hull is tucked under the back for safety, can be controlled from either of the dual steering handles so no matter what arm you prefer to use to cast you’ll have the other to control direction. Hobie Guardian is the name for our Retractable Transducer mounting area on the bottom side of the hull. Guardian was designed to be the most ideal way to mount a side imaging sonar or fish finder, from a control in the cockpit you can retract the transducer up safety into the hull while beaching but then drop it back below the hull so it can scan to the sides. The rudder kicks up and folds back down into place automatically. Multiple moulded in rod holders, tackle storage, grab handles, cup holders and multiple through-hull scuppers as drain points that double as mounts for our plug-in beach carts. The Outback also comes with a loading device that clips onto the rear loading handle and makes solo loading of the hull onto your car top so much easier!

Length: 12′ 9″ / 3.89 m
Width: 34″ / .86 m
Capacity: 425 lbs / 192.78 kg
Fitted Hull Weight: 85 lbs / 38.56 kg *
Fully Rigged Weight: 103 lbs / 46.72 kg *
Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

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QuickStart for Hobie Mirage Passport kayaks

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Hobie QuickStart videos are intended to be a quick way to got to get on the irrigate with the basic info for setting up your kayak for the first time. This video shows the Mirage Passport 12.0 but also covers the Passport 10.5. We cover completing the installation of your MirageDrive GT with Kick Up fins, installing and using your the rudder, construct and adjusting your paddle and a few other key features to know before you stumbled the water.
New for 2021 both Mirage Passport sits “re coming with” Hobie’s MirageDrive GT with Kick Up Fins. GT stands for Glide Technology and features roller permits in all the major moving faces, these assumes shorten resistance and improve efficiency. The Kick Up Fins have the ability to kick back and up when contacting the bottom or any solid drawbacks, these allow you to pedal in shallow areas without concern of causing damage to the fins or your drive. Also brand-new for 2021 is a second set of plug in scuppers located under the seat bottom. These additional scuppers allow the seating area to drain faster and allow a second location to use Hobie’s Plug-In carts. By place the cart further toward the center of the hull it better matches the force and does bring even easier. Both Passports receives an new 8″ centre invent scheme that is more instinctive and easier to use.

Dana Point Kayak Product Alert: Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit

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Dana Point Kayak Alert: Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit

Add Turbo Fins to your Kayak

One of Hobie’s most popular and loved improves is contributing Turbo fins, larger fins for your MirageDrive. We carry many of our kayaks with standard sizing fins that are great the possibilities and are the easiest to use for new users. When you’re ready to go faster, or pedal slower and with a smoother meter, the Turbo kit will likely be the best upgrade you’ll ever perform to your kayak!

Some big representations of Hobie’s Kayaks “re coming” touchstone with Turbo fins, these simulations are the Adventure Island, Tandem Island and all sizes of our Pro Anglers, we’ve also sent some special edition and camo colored Outbacks with Turbo fins as standard equipment.

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