Shuttered San Clemente hospital, Fairview Developmental Center among vacant spaces looked at to house coronavirus overflow

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The shuttered 73 -bed San Clemente hospital and the Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, along with empty hotels and motels, are all among points that could be looked at if the district needs to find housing for an overflow of coronavirus patients.

” I’ve been on frequent announces with Gov.Gavin Newsom and he is looking into every available alternative, in the event that they need to shore up isolation plots ,” Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, which supervise the county’s Fifth District, said.” He’s going province to county and looking at underutilized regional resources .”

None locally have been confirmed as definite locales, she said.” They know what’s available and we review everything can come into play .”

” Additionally, the county is also working with every hospital to see what added capacities they could have ,” she said.

Supervisor Don Wagner said the state is also asking local officials to make-up plans for places where homeless people who may have the coronavirus can be isolated until they recover.

” There is some talk of using trailers presented by the state, perhaps tents, hotel rooms, to provide distancing, for people who are symptomatic ,” he said. Nothing has been decided.

The state’s direction on that issue has been somewhat ambiguous, Wagner said, so Orange County captains are doing the best they can in a rapidly changing situation.

” They’re leaving a lot of it up to the locals, so we’re all kind of figuring this out as we go along .”

The San Clemente hospital has been closed since 2016. In June, the city of San Clemente and MemorialCare Health System reached a settlement that leaved MemorialCare up to a year to find ways to re-open or sell the facility, or the city will be able to use eminent domain purchase the property for fair market value. The society has propagandized to keep emergency services available in town.

The 114 -acre Fairview Developmental Center was considered previously as a arrival recognise for beings returning from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in February who is positive for coronavirus but did not need to be hospitalized. Federal officials ultimately slipped that project, which had gotten a lot of local push back.

Reporter Alicia Robinson contributed to this story.

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