Hobie First Cast Program

(Dana Point Only)

For the nominal price of $200, you will learn the basics of kayak fishing from local professional guides and test drive the patented hands-free Hobie Mirage Drive with a fishing rod in your hand.​

  • Try out two (2) 2017 Hobie fishing kayaks of your choosing​
  • Fish with a Pure Watersports Pro-staff kayak angler​
  • Catch your first fish on a Hobie fishing kayak​
  • Enjoy a nice lunch after​
  • Best part about it is… the $200 also counts as your deposit for a new Hobie kayak (within 30 days of payment)

A Typical Day

  • Arrive at 7:45 AM and meet your guide for the day
  • Learn about the kayaks you will be using and how to operate
  • Review safety measures
  • Head out for two (2) hours in your first pre-selected kayak – catch some fish
  • Come back in, enjoy a snack and discuss your experience
  • Head back out for two (2) more hours in your second pre-selected kayak – catch some fish
  • Come back in, enjoy lunch and discuss your experience


  • You are not alone, on day one you will have an experienced kayak angler with you to keep you safe and comfortable
  • Try out two (2) Hobie Mirage Drive fishing kayaks
  • Test a fully outfitted Hobie Mirage Drive fishing kayak and learn about various accessories and storage options
  • Your $200 not only gets you four (4) hours of hosted fishing, but it also counts as your deposit to a new kayak

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